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How Serendipitous :) <3

Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to Meet by Various Authors

This anthology was beyond sweet!! 😀 When I first heard that this was coming out, I was absolutely head over heels! I loved the concept of this anthology as it is one of my favorite movie/book tropes. I love the concept of a “meet cute” and I am a sucker for 33503607 sweet, romantic stories.

As I have done with other short story compilations, I will give you mini breakdown of all the stories along with my ratings for each story. The rating above is the overall average rating which came to be about 3.6ish. Overall, I really liked this anthology!! This anthology was not only super sweet, but also incredibly diverse which just made my heart sing! I appreciated the diverse portrayal of love and characters. I also loved how different all of the stories were. As these were stories of how people who fall in love initially meet, they all definitely leave you hanging and the better stories definitely leave you wanting more.

With all that being said, I will now get into mini/spoilery reviews of each story!! 🙂

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Quick Take: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
four-star-rating-black-hi (.75)

Oh goodness, just all the feels with this book. Val has also read this beautiful novel everythingand has reviewed it, so I encourage you to check out her blog post!! I am going to go into a quick synopsis and then the rest of this is going to be pretty spoiler-y, so if you haven’t checked this out, you need to ASAP! I’ve read another Nicola Yoon book earlier this year (check out my review!) and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary authors!! She not only writes beautiful books that tug at your heartstrings, but she also weaves in such important themes such as family and race relations. All of which is super refreshing and so important to see represented in YA novels.

Now a quick synopsis: Madeline has just turned 18 and has never left her house due to having SCID. This basically means that she’s allergic to everything, so she stays inside her house with her nurse and her mother. Olly, a cute and interesting boy, moves in next door peaking Madeline’s interest in the outside world. And that is it for a synopsis! And if you are reading the synopsis thinking that you know exactly how this story turns out…I am going to tell you to ignore that voice in your head and read this book! This book takes the most interesting of turns, and while it is the cutest and sweetest love story you’ll probably ever read, it’s also a beautiful and heartbreaking story about family. So now, I’m going to get into some spoilers, so get out of here if you haven’t read this yet!! 🙂

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tl;dr everything,everything you’ve met your match


The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Oh my goodness. This story was so heartwarming and sweet, I could barely keep iImage resultt together. Mallory and Rider grew up in an awful foster care situation, and were separated on tragic night. They were together for 10 years, where Rider took most of the beatings so Mallory wouldn’t have to, and fell completely in love the way young kids do.

Mallory has been adopted and living with an incredible family for the last four years. As she prepares for college, she decides to try high school since she has been home schooled the last three years. In foster care she was taught to be as quiet as a mouse to avoid the violence, so this would be quite a new challenge for her.

On the first day of school she recognizes him immediately, and Rider remembers her just as well. What follows is an incredibly adorable story of their reconnection as they are surrounded by new lives, people, and challenges of growing up in a city. You really have to read this to fall in love with their story and understand the pure and sweet love between Mallory and Rider.

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Science + Fate = ??

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoonfive-star-rating-black-clip-art-hi

Y’ALL……… THIS. BOOK. THOUGH!!!! This may be my first book by
the-sunNicola Yoon, but she is quickly becoming my favorite contemporary
author. I just ordered her other book, Everything, Everything, and I am so excited to dig into it as soon as it gets here!! Nicola Yoon is a wonderful and creative writer. If Everything, Everything is anything like this book – then I am so excited to see what else she experiments with in her writing.

There are so many different elements in this book: immigration, love, science, interracial relationships, poverty and generational cultural gaps. But it definitely didn’t feel like too much either and Nicola Yoon did a masterful job intertwining all of the themes together to create this beautiful story.

Simply put: this book is about Natasha and Daniel. Natasha and her family are about to be deported and Daniel is trying to figure out how to live up to his parents’ crazy high expectations of him, especially as a Korean-American with some different dreams. That’s really the only thing that I can say – I recommend going into this book knowing little. I loved it and I highly recommend it!! I am about to head into some major spoilers – so don’t read on if you haven’t read this yet!!

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tl;dr this is everything

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


Wow. I don’t even know where to start this…. WARNING: Do not pick up this novel if you do not plan to read it in one sitting!

The story follows Madeline Whittier, who just turned 18 but has never left her house. She has the disease where she is allergic to anything and everything. A cute boy moves in next door and Madeline’s entire life changes because the moment she sees him, she knows she’s going to fall in love with him. And she does. So very adorably deeply it hurts to read about.

The story is written so well before you know it, you have read half the book and cannot wait to finish it. It is not creepy like the love story of Bella and Edward came off in the first Twilight movie, where they had to condense it so much it was just stalkerish. The story of Madeline and Olly is a beautiful description of the innocence and romance of first love.  Full of wonder, heartache, and of course a surprise ending. Continue reading

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