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Quick Take: China Rich Girlfriend

China Rich Girlfriend (#2) by Kevin Kwan

china rich girlfriendJust like the first book, “Crazy Rich Asians”, this was hilarious, touching and so full of scandal! I had so much fun with it! Definitely the perfect summer read.

This continuation of the story from the first book starts as the wedding of Rachel and Nick is approaching. We are seeing the fallout impact of Nick being cut off from his family and how his slightly overbearing, crazy mother is going to whatever lengths to figure out all the details that she can about this wedding that she was not invited to. We also see Rachel coming to terms with the story of her parentage and how she never got the opportunity to know her birth father, especially with the wedding approaching. Lo and behold, Nicks’ mother shows up with information about Rachels’ birth father! And hijinks ensues!! Rachel and Nick are swept off to Hong Kong by her birth father, but then are dragged into the drama of the rich and famous instead. Just like the first book, we follow all the adventures, see all the drama unfolding and of course, there are some big revelations revealed that definitely left my jaw hanging.

I had a super fun time with the continuation of this story and I cannot wait to pick up the concluding novel here soon! If you are looking for a fun read, I highly recommend these books! 🙂

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Quick Take: CRAy!!

Crazy Rich Asians (#1) by Kevin Kwan
three-star-rating-black-hi (.75)

crazy rich asiansI am so behind in my reviews, so the next few are going to be “Quick Take” styles just to get myself caught up on everything! But, I have definitely read quite a bit and have enjoyed all of it! 🙂

Up first for my “Quick Take” reviewing marathon: “Crazy Rich Asians”!! I definitely very much enjoyed this and had so much fun with this book. Yes, I did partially pick this up because of the INCREDIBLE news about the all-Asian cast film adaptation coming here soon!!

As an Asian-American woman, I am always excited when I see movies or books centered around Asians/Asian-Americans and attempting to broaden the narrative around Asians/Asian-Americans. So, I am all about this book and the upcoming film – I cannot wait! 🙂 Continue reading

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