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tl;dr I liked your life too

I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi

This was such a lovely story. Madeline is thought to have been so unhappy with her life

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that she threw herself off the roof of a library, and left behind her teenage daughter, Eve, and her husband, Brady, to grieve and piece together what they had missed in her life that lead to such a tragic action.

In her grief, Eve realizes how much she took her mother for granted, and how much she never saw her as a person. Brady, on the other hand, blames himself for not being there enough, and not knowing what caused his wife such unhappiness.

Through the novel Madeline is caught in purgatory, able to silently communicate with Eve and Brady. Her goal before she finally ascends, which she does little by little, is to find someone to replace her to keep her family together. She also works on Eve and Brady’s relationship, realizing that without her they’re too lost to find even each other.

Overall, this was a well told story of grief, forgiveness, loss, and love. Madeline’s concern for her family is touching. Watching Eve and Brady cope and move on is so nice. I have never lost anyone that close to me, but I imagine this to be an accurate take on the process.

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