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tl;dr next time i’ll take the train

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

Into the WaterLet’s start with the fact that I may have over-hyped myself for this book after realizing it was the author of Girl on the Train. It didn’t necessarily let me know, but it definitely was not as good as I was hoping it would be. The story is about Nel, who kills herself jumping off a cliff where many women have been drowned. Her sister is forced to come out to take care of Nel’s teenage daughter while the local police attempt to solve the mystery of her death, or if there even is one, while other stories unravel.

The story is narrated by approximately 10 characters, which took me about 150 pages to get settled into and follow who is who and why. After that point, I think the story becomes easier to follow. Overall, I think this was a good read until the very last sentence – literally.

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tl;dr this one better than them all

Okay, okay. I was wrong. You don’t need to go out and read The Good Girl immediately (although you should, in the very near future), you need to go read this novel instead.

missing girls.jpgAll the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Wow. I don’t even know where to start. This book has been compared to Girl on the Train, and yes, yes yes. Let’s start somewhere… the story is about a young lady named Nic who is from a small town where her best friend disappeared 10 years ago. She comes back to take care of her dad’s house – as her dad was moved to a home a year ago due to his mental instability. While Nic is home, another girl goes missing, one that her high school sweetheart is seeing.

What is absolutely amazing about this novel is that it is told day by day, backwards. I found myself wanting to read it in chronological order instead – desperate to know what happened – but then realized that each chapter gave me a little more that still made sense this way. I had to put my faith in the fact that if the author wanted it read this way, I had to do it. And OH MY GOD, she did not disappoint. Continue reading

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TL;DR Gone in a blur


The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – 5/5

First and foremost, it IS true what they say… if you liked Gone Girl you will absolutely love this novel. It does follow a very similar plot with a twist; with each page you learn one more new and interesting part of the story. Never revealing too much; and never seeing quite enough to figure out who-done-it.

We start off slowing learning about Rachel. At first, she seems like an ordinary middle aged adult riding the train to work. But maybe something is a little off about her. Maybe she’s a little depressed. Maybe she’s a little drunk. Maybe she is a little weird. Maybe she’s hung up her painful past. Maybe she is a little too interested in the people she sees every day from the train window. And maybe she killed her. Continue reading

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