Series Review: “Legend” Trilogy

I’m here to do my first ever series review on this blog! 🙂 I recently binged the “Legend” trilogy and so I thought legend trilogythat this would be the best and concise way to share my thoughts on the trilogy as a whole! I have been wanting to read Marie Lu’s books for quite some time now, so I thought that this was a great place to start and it definitely was!

I’ve recently done a quick take review on the first book in this trilogy, “Legend”, here on the blog…so check it out before continuing to read on! 🙂 Now, I am going to share my star reviews for each of the next two books and then my overall series rating!

Prodigy (#2)
Champion (#3)
“Legend” trilogy

Since this is a full series review, there are definitely going to be spoilers…so do not read on if you haven’t read this trilogy! Go read them and come back to enjoy the review! 🙂 And I’ll definitely be checking out more of Marie Lu’s book and most specifically, I am super stoked for her newest book coming out in September!!! 🙂

The first thing that I definitely enjoyed very much about this trilogy is how action-packed it was. The action was really well-written and very strategically played. I found the writing of the action scenes to be not overdone and written in a really smart way, which is really the best way to describe all of Marie Lu’s writing.

The other thing that I ended up enjoying was how each of these books felt like good stand-alone novels and built on one another really seamlessly. In my opinion,

I did feel that “Prodigy” slowed down a bit for me, as we were mainly following Day and June separately as they are going through the Patriot’s plan of assassinating the new Elector, which was maybe why this book moved a bit slower for me. I appreciated reading from June’s POV the most, as it continued to highlight her intellect and her individual strength, which is why I love her as our protagonist. I did see the twist with Razor, the leader of the Patriots, and how he actually had his own secret plan underneath the plan that the Patriots thought they were unrolling. And of course, Marie Lu just had to end us on a pretty intense cliffhanger – most specifically, the news about Day dying. Oh, be still my heart…this definitely got me all sorts of weirdly emotional and I was not expecting it!

Now “Champion” was a most epic finale to this pretty action-packed trilogy!! I have to say, this is definitely one of the better of dystopian trilogies that I’ve read in a while. This book was super action-packed because the highlight of this book was the war. Of course, the ever-pervasive theme of this book was Day’s heartbreaking prognosis and the balance of not having June figure out what is going on with him. This was truly heartbreaking and Marie Lu definitely had me rooting for Day. My one gripe with this book was, again, the convenience factor of June’s blood carrying the antidote for whatever was wrong with Day’s brother, Eden. Other than that, I really enjoyed the pace of the story and oh my goodness…I need to talk about that ending!! The ending had me on the edge of my seat and my heart was breaking as I was reading the ending. I thought the ending was beautifully written and Marie Lu had me hooked until the very last page, which I feel is hard for authors to do.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this trilogy. I really do like Marie Lu’s writing style – it was smart, clever and she does an incredible job of developing her characters that you really root for through the books. I cannot wait to continue with her other books!!! 🙂

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