Happy 20th Anniversary to Harry Potter!!

harry potter


It’s beyond difficult to comprehend and wrap my head around this whole thing. This means that I read the first Harry Potter when I was roughly 7/8, which is beyond crazy to think about. I’ll truly never forget the memories of my mom bringing me home the next Harry Potter book, running up to my room and savoring every single word of the next beautifully written book. I have loved this series from the first read of the first book all the way to today…and I know that I will continue to love this series for many years to come. In order to commemorate this incredible series, I thought I would do something fun here and share the 20 lessons that Harry Potter taught me. Both in what the stories taught me and what being a real Potterhead has taught me over these past 20 years.

    1. Cherish your family always. While family may drive you crazy, when things really hit the fan…they are going to be the ones to be there to protect you no matter what.
    2. With that being said, there is also value and beauty in the family that we choose for ourselves.
    3. Be proud of who you are, no matter what other people may say about you. Hufflepuff pride!!


  1. Grief and heartbreak are inevitable and is so painful. But, letting yourself truly experience those feelings are the only way to not only get through it, but to also gain power back to your life.
  2. You are never too old for a fairytale.
  3. While our past may be filled with dark monsters and memories that we want to so badly escape, the only thing that we can do is hold onto those around us and together, move forward to a brighter future.
  4. People are always so much more than what meets the eye. They may surprise you, even in the best of ways.
  5. Best friends are truly irreplaceable and they will also get into trouble right alongside with you.
  6. Love always ALWAYS trumps hate. Like, always.
  7. No one outgrows magic.
  8. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  9. Being wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean having lots of money; it also means having a lot of love in your life.
  10. Sometimes, adult don’t always know what’s best. And sometimes, we need to let our children be our voices.
  11. With that being said, age truly does bring wisdom. Seek the wisdom of those who have done life before us.
  12. Hermione taught me that my education will be my greatest asset in life and that I shouldn’t let anyone take that away from me.
  13. Snape taught me that love is forever. Always and forever.
  14. Malfoy taught me that we should never judge people, as we never truly know what is going on in their lives.
  15. Luna taught me that weird and being different is wonderful and beautiful. My weirdness and awkwardness makes me beautiful.
  16. A “home” is a place that is filled with love and happiness, meaning a “home” can be more than just the house that you live in.
  17. Stories that you love will stay with you forever. Thank you, J.K. Rowling for this lesson.

The Harry Potter series has brought so much joy and happiness into my life over the past 20 years. As a young and anxious child, Harry Potter helped me to feel less alone and to feel like there was beauty in my anxiety. So thank you to J.K. Rowling for writing a story that has stayed with so many for so many years.

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2 thoughts on “Happy 20th Anniversary to Harry Potter!!

  1. A Pretty Lil Book Blog says:

    This is such a sweet post! You’re so right about all the amazing things Harry Potter has taught us ❤

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