Lord of Shadows (#2) by Cassandra Clare
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Oh my goodness, y’all!!! This book!!! I can’t even begin to explain howlord of shadows much I loved this book and how much I want to read it again and AGAIN!!! Cassandra Clare is an actual QUEEN when it comes to writing fantasy and not only that, she is a definite voice for a new generation!! And I am not even exaggerating!

So, as this is a sequel in the trilogy AND a continuation of the overall Shadowhunters Chronicles, there really isn’t much I can say that aren’t spoiler-y. I will say, I have to thank Cassandra Clare for taking some major risks with this book. I always feel that YA authors have an incredible responsibility with their books, as they have the ability to form not only young minds, but opinions and values of those young minds. With that being said, I think Cassandra Clare did an amazing and respectful job addressing some important issues around trans representation, how autism is represented in books and empowerment of young women.

While Cassandra Clare and her books have definitely become guilty pleasure reads for myself, I definitely have to give it up for Cassandra Clare for sustaining this incredible world and for creating this incredibly sophisticated piece of work! 🙂 I obviously loved it – I am super bummed to have to wait so long for the next one, but I will definitely keep reading Cassandra Clare and ALL of her books. If you haven’t read this yet, now’s the time to go! 🙂 For the rest of you, read on and discuss! 😀

I don’t even know where to start…this book was 699 pages, so excuse the rambly-ness of this review. I have watched a few BookTubers’ reviews and I would highly recommend watching them! The reviews that I would highly recommend are Christines’ and Hannahs’.

Let me start by addressing our protagonists, Emma and Julian. I have to say, I am quickly becoming less and less of a fan of Julian as these book continue on. I fully understand where he is coming from, as he feels that it is his responsibility to watch out for his family, but I definitely think he takes it to a whole different and unnecessary level that is definitely borderline unhealthy. And of course, with no one to keep him in check…this is quickly becoming the most alarming aspect of his character. I also have to say…I’m over the angsty-ness of their relationship. To be quite honest, it reminds me a lot of the angsty-ness of Anakin and Padme’s relationship in Star Wars II & III (for all you Star Wars fans – keke…). It’s annoying and I’m over it.

Now to move on to all of the other things that I loved and enjoyed about this book! 🙂 First, I majorly heart Kit, Ty and Livvie and I am definitely on that #Kitty train!!! 😀 I loved Ty and Livvie’s twin relationship last book and I loved it even more this book. This relationship, to me, is a healthier and better representation of a sibling relationship of siblings who definitely have each others backs, versus the way that Julian conducts himself. I am also quite intrigued to Kit and his backstory. I very much enjoyed seeing his relationship with Ty evolve and how he seems to be the only person that truly understands Ty. He is the only one that names Ty’s autism, which of course, the other Shadowhunters have no idea about due to avoiding mundane medicine. I loved how their relationship grew and evolved throughout the book and I am so intrigued as to how their relationship will continue to grow due to another big thing that happened with one of the characters…cue all the waterworks…

The second thing that I loved so so much was learning about Diana’s backstory and her growing relationship with Gwyn of the Wild Hunt!! My heart!!! In this book, Diana comes out to Gwyn as a trans woman and from there, we hear about her heartbreaking backstory about her transition and her experience transitioning. This was beautiful and so well done…and I really am oh so thankful to Cassandra Clare for this storyline.

The third thing that I hearted oh so much was the ever-evolving (potentially sexy) relationship growing between Cristina/Mark/Kieran. First, I heart Cristina and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in this trilogy. She is independent, strong, intelligent, witty and so grounded. She is an incredibly important aspect of the book and I can’t wait to read more about her family’s backstory and their relationship to Fae.

In this book, we learn more about the Scholomance, the Centurion’s that come from the Scholomance and the Cohort that are advocating for taking away more rights from the Downworlders. I really appreciated this storyline as it is not only incredibly relevant throughout history, but it is incredibly relevant today. This storyline mirrors the storyline of any time marginalized groups are targeted by a dominant group. I think this is super important to highlight in a YA book and I am interested to see where this continues to go.

The last thing that I want to talk about is that epically sad ending…le sigh. So, the end of the book has us facing the Clave where Annabel is sharing her testimony about how Malcolm Fade raised her from the dead. Things go awry…of course, and it begins an epic battle and eventually, an entirely huge slaughtering by Annabel. First death, Robert Lightwood – it was heartbreaking to read about how this broke Alec. Second death…le sigh…Livvie!!!! Noooo!!!! Aw…my heart. I was heartbroken reading this. And then, Annabel disappears into a cloud that was marked by the symbol of the Unseelie King…so, it’ll be interesting to see what this means for our cast of characters in the next book.

And there we go! My rambly review…I definitely didn’t get to touch on everything, but this review is already so long, so here’s where we’ll stop. I loved this book. I cannot wait for this trilogy to wrap up and I am not ready to wait the two years that I am going to have to wait!!

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