tl;dr Windfall (n): a piece of unexpected good fortune, typically involves a lot of money

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

I guess this will be a quick take, as I sit here kind of drawing a blank on what to say….Windfall

Everyone likes to imagine what we would do if we won the lottery. Well Teddy, thanks to a birthday present from Alice, no longer has to imagine, as he’s just won $56 million (lump sum). He spends it in about the way you would expect an 18 year old to spend it. While Teddy struggles to remain/find himself in all this money, Alice can’t help but worry that her best friend, that she has been secretly in love with for 9 years, is going to disappear for good.

They are about to head to college and must decide where to go, or if they should even go at all. Teddy’s dad comes back trying to convince Teddy his bad habits are gone and he is here to stay, without needing to borrow any money. Alice misses her parents, and refuses to take any of the winning money as to keep her world from flipping on itself again.

It’s definitely a nice read that will leave you with your own daydreams of a windfall!

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