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Always & Forever, Lara Jean (#3) by Jenny Hanfive-star-rating-black-clip-art-hi

Oh…all of the feelings and heart eyes emojis for this always &amp; foreverbook!!! I read the first two books in this incredibly sweet duology by Jenny Han maybe two years ago? And I loved them!! Love love loved them!!! Then…when I learned that she was coming out with this third and last installment…I was BEYOND excited!! I knew I had to have it, so of course…it got pre-ordered and then I read this in nearly one sitting. Oh yeah…I loved it that much!

Now…there’s not a ton that I can share without spoiling the other two for you. This book follows Lara Jean in her senior year of high school…and that really is all I can tell you. I do highly recommend this trilogy!! If you are looking for a fun, sweet and heartwarming contemporary, this is 100% for you! I adore the way Jenny Han writes and I gobble it up like cotton candy. I also love that this is as much of a romantic read as it is a good read about family, sisters and finding yourself.

That’s really all I can say, so I am going to jump into the spoiler part of my review.

Oh…I loved how easy it was for me to fall right back into Lara Jean’s story after a few years since I last read a book about her. I adored Lara Jean then and I continue to adore Lara Jean in this last installment.

I loved getting to follow Lara Jean through the entirety of her senior year. I loved seeing how much Lara Jean seems to have come out of her shell and how confident she really has become. I loved reading about how her relationship with Peter has grown and how they’ve helped each other to grow, which just makes my heart swell! I loved being able to read about a healthy, sweet and innocent young relationship and I applaud Jenny Han for creating such a beautiful pairing in Lara Jean and Peter.

Of course Lara Jean wasn’t going to get into UVA!! I’m not saying that because I didn’t believe in her, but the way that the story was set up…you totally had to see this coming!! You totally had to see it coming that she was going to be forced to make a decision that would take her even further out of her comfort zone. Again, I applaud Jenny Han for writing a young female character who is able to make decisions for herself that are not dictated by who she’s dating. I loved how Lara Jeans’ decision to attend UNC was all on her and it came from the trip that she and Chris took once she learned that she got in. It wasn’t a decision that she made with Peter, but it was a decision she made for herself on her own. I loved it!! Love love loved it!!!

Let me tell you, I loved reading about Lara Jeans’ family almost as much as I loved reading about Lara Jean. I adore her father and her relationship with her sisters. I so appreciate how different all three of them are, and yet they are always there for one another when they need each other. Sisters truly come before misters with these three and I love that!! A huge development in the story in this book was her dad marrying Trina, the woman whom he started dating in the previous book. I loved this storyline as it continued to shine a light on the sisters and their relationship with their father. It was significant to be able to read about Margot and Lara Jean’s relationship as they worked through their father marrying someone new, whereas Kitty was embracing all of it as she doesn’t remember their mother very well. I loved that this was as central a focus in the story, as Lara Jean’s romantic life. It shows a very important lesson for young readers, that love, dating and romance aren’t everything.

I have to say – I loved how Jenny Han wrote Lara Jean & Peters’ journey in figuring out sex in their relationship. For young readers, it is so important to see healthy and realistic representations of sexual relationships and I thought that this did it! Lara Jean and Peter didn’t have sex, and I thought that was so critical as it was clear that neither of them were ready for it. If they had had sex during Beach Week, you could see that they absolutely would’ve regretted it and it would’ve drastically changed their relationship. This shows that there is more to a good and healthy relationship than just sex. Obviously, this is an important component, but it’s only important when it’s healthy and safe for both partners involved and I think Jenny Han did a masterful job with this! 🙂

Overall…I loved it! Like I said, I read this in nearly one sitting. It was perfect and I adored every minute of it! 🙂


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