[Quick Take] tl;dr But is one of them real?

4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster

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Someone that is a bigger non-fiction, or historical fiction fan would have probably enjoyed it much more than me, so take my rating with a grain of salt on this one. I am not even sure where to start with this one. First, I did not realize it would be almost 900 pages long. At first I was worried. Auster writes in paragraphs spanning multiple pages, and goes really heavy from the start on WWII history. As a major non-fan of non-fiction, I was not too eager to continue once I started.

The story follows 4 versions of relatively boring, sometimes quite graphic, lives of Ferguson, though the earlier part of this century. Overall, I thought it was an okay read, although it did redeem itself in the end, by throwing in a surprise I was not expecting. No spoiler alert here… I’ll let you enjoy the 800 pages before you learn it for yourself!

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