tl;dr wait a minute, who’s crying?

 Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

My first thought after finishing this book on my Kindle was “wait a minute… who’s supposed to be crying?!” But oh my gosh was this an incredible story. Told through the eyes of Quinn (Esther’s roommate) in downtown Chicago, and Alex (an 18 year old boy) in Image result for don't you crya small Michigan town.

When Esther disappears, Quinn doesn’t quite know what to think.. it seems unlike her.. but is she really in trouble? Or did she just go somewhere? After all, the police told her that people are allowed to just up and disappear, although they will usually come back within 28 to 72 hours. So Quinn waits, but while she waits she discovers that Esther has changed her name, has been shredding documents, writing mysterious love letters, and looking to a new roommate. Oh, and the small fact that she may have murdered her last roommate.

In the meantime, Alex’s world is turned upside down when a mysterious girl begins sitting in the window seat of the cafe he works at and stares across the street. She goes skinny dipping in the lake and squats in the abandoned house across the street, it’s not too long before they become friends [in a way], and even faster Alex realized that there may be something a little off about her.

While listening to both of these stories, and their proximity, one starts to wonder if these two mysterious girls, one disappearing as the other appears, are the same girl. As Quinn discovers more of Ether’s secrets and begins to worry for her life, Alex get’s closer to Pearl, until everything finally crashes and burns around him and everything really does go black.

The mystery, the writing, the story itself were absolutely excellent. I have yet to be disapointed by Mary Kubica and will be anticipating her next release.


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