tl;dr apprentice in palate cleansing

Apprentice in Death – J.D. Robb

Image resultThere is nothing I love more than an “in Death” book. Although I am beginning to wonder how she pumps out so many. This was a 2016 release, and I know the next one has already been released. Is there a special formula, algorithm, book writing magic app? I have to find out.

As usual Eve is on the case, but this time they think the killer is an apprentice. They take out 3 targets the first time, one real and two cover ups. It does not take them too long to discover the identities of the shooter(s), but this time, it’s one of their own. Eve and Roarke, along with most of the cops in this futuristic New York city struggle to capture them before more blood is shed. Honestly, these books often follow a very similar format, with relatively expected results, but it must be something about the writing that makes me fly through them and still enjoy every single one (this is #43 in the series, btw).

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