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All Our Wrong Todays: A Novel by Alan Mastai
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I am not one for Sci-Fi, but this novel blew me away. The story is that Tom Barren lives in 2016, but the 2016 humanity always imagined: flying cars, hair cutting helmets, and clothes made for you daily. Because a scientists created an engine that harnessed the power of the earth spinning. Tom’s father planned to use the energy released by the engine to time travel. Several chrononauts were taught how time travel would work and were prepared for the mission, each with an understudy. Although Tom has always been the biggest disappointment to his father, and basically has nothing to show for his life, he is the understudy to the leading chrononaut, Penelope. The night before the first mission back in time Tom and Penelope make the biggest mistake of their lifetime, which ends her life, and destroys Tom’s world as he knows it. At this point, you have only read half of the book.. what else can possibly happen?!

POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW – I won’t give away anything huge, but maybe more than you want to know….

So what happens after the accident? Tom ends up in our plain ole regular 2016. Except his dad is nice, his mother is alive, and he has a sister. He’s convinced he is a time traveler, the ideas he, John Barren, built as a revolutionary engineer are just ripoffs from Tom’s 2016, and everyone he knows is dead.

Tom’s first thought is to find Penelope, who is Penny in this world, and tell her the whole truth even his family doesn’t believe. Together they begin building  life as Tom desperately tries to figure out who he is and how to save everyone from his world he has destroyed (everyone).

A story of love, loss, time travel and most importantly learning who we are from within. At one point there are 3 personalities fighting inside Tom’s mind, and even Tom doesn’t know who is who. But the person he becomes at the end, is the Tom that was always meant to be.

Great, great story.

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