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The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty
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Having recently read another Liane Moriarty novel I was not a big fan of, I was slightly skeptical picking up this one. But I am glad I did.

Although published in 2011, I found it gave me more mental probe than Truly Madly Guilty. The story is of a hypnotists, Ellen, that meets the man of her dreams. His one flaw? His stalker ex-girlfriend. Literally. For the last 3 years, she has not moved on. Ellen and Patrick try to forge their life together knowing they are always watched, always followed, and never truly alone. But how far will she go? What needs to happen for her to finally stop?

I didn’t really realize how into the story I had gotten until I was telling a co-worker about it. What I had found most interesting was when the narrative was from Saskia’s point of view (the stalker).
You couldn’t help but feel bad for her, she knew she was a little crazy. Every once in a while she even tried to get herself to stop, but when it came down to it she just couldn’t. She had lost so much in such a short amount of time, that letting go of Patrick and his son was inconceivable. It was fascinating to me how justifiable her actions were in her own thoughts. But at the same time she knew they were wrong.

She thought it would be okay to visit Patrick’s mom the day she was meeting Ellen for the first time, but then understood Patrick’s rage at her for being there. She talks about how she wonders what her co-workers would think if they knew what she did in her spare time. And really generally she is just so lonely that it makes sense she can’t let go of her old life.

The whole time Ellen is more fascinated with Saskia and her story than she is afraid. I agreed with Ellen for the majority of the book. Although there are times where I think Saskia has gone too far, and so does Ellen. And one begins to worry what has to happen next.

Overall, I think the story was interesting and relevant, the writing was decent, although I did find myself skipping paragraphs of no interest or relevance here and there (as is becoming typical for me with Liane’s stories).

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