Science + Fate = ??

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoonfive-star-rating-black-clip-art-hi

Y’ALL……… THIS. BOOK. THOUGH!!!! This may be my first book by
the-sunNicola Yoon, but she is quickly becoming my favorite contemporary
author. I just ordered her other book, Everything, Everything, and I am so excited to dig into it as soon as it gets here!! Nicola Yoon is a wonderful and creative writer. If Everything, Everything is anything like this book – then I am so excited to see what else she experiments with in her writing.

There are so many different elements in this book: immigration, love, science, interracial relationships, poverty and generational cultural gaps. But it definitely didn’t feel like too much either and Nicola Yoon did a masterful job intertwining all of the themes together to create this beautiful story.

Simply put: this book is about Natasha and Daniel. Natasha and her family are about to be deported and Daniel is trying to figure out how to live up to his parents’ crazy high expectations of him, especially as a Korean-American with some different dreams. That’s really the only thing that I can say – I recommend going into this book knowing little. I loved it and I highly recommend it!! I am about to head into some major spoilers – so don’t read on if you haven’t read this yet!!

Sigh. I really really loved this. Like really loved it. I can go on for hours about how much I loved this book, so I promise…I will try to be succinct with this review of mine 😉

I want to start by raving about how much I loved the writing style of this book. I loved Nicola Yoon’s creativity and the risk that she took with the way this book was formatted. I loved the short chapters and the ever-changing perspectives. With the changing perspectives, I really loved that we didn’t just read from Natasha and Daniel’s POV’s, but from so many different side characters in the book; such as their families, Irene, the immigration lawyer, etc. I think this does a great job of highlighting the impact that others have on us and the impact that we have on others. I also loved the chapters that integrated subject areas that were being talked about in the book – like physics subjects, love, language, etc. It sets the book apart and it adds so much to the book.

I loved that the book spanned 24 hours and that’s where their relationship really blossomed and formed. I know it was definitely super insta-lovey, which is usually a trope that I’m not into, but…I definitely thought it worked for this story. This book was really about Daniel trying to show Natasha the merits of fate and being “meant to be”, while Natasha demands scientific data to prove that fate is a thing. I loved their relationship – I loved how they balanced each other, how they didn’t change for the other and how they didn’t try to change the other.

Probably the thing that I loved THE MOST was all of the cultural themes woven throughout the book. I loved the ownvoices aspect of this book as Nicola Yoon, herself, is from Jamaica and Natasha and her family are from Jamaica. I loved reading about her struggle of having come to the US at a young age and not wanting to go back to Jamaica. This truly speaks to the immigration debate happening in the States today and it illuminates what it is like for immigrants who live in this country. Immigrants leave countries to move to another one because there is intention and this book highlights that exact point. I also loved reading about Daniel and his family, as I can relate to it hardcore being a Korean-American child of Korean immigrants. This was definitely my struggle growing up and I loved that I was able to read it in book form.

There is truly too much to talk about concerning this book, so the last thing that I’ll talk about is THAT ENDING!! I loved how we were able to see Irene’s story come full-circle as she found a newfound purpose in life and started to live a life that she truly loves and finds fulfilling. And of course, her being able to thank Natasha on the plane and then Natasha and Daniel finding each other again on the plane after all those years!! My heart!! Be still my heart!! It was just too perfect.

So ends my rambly and slightly incoherent review, but clearly…I loved it. I loved it. I loved it!! I highly recommend it!! 🙂

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