Quick Takes: Difficult Women

Difficult Women by Roxane Gayfive-star-rating-black-clip-art-hi

I think a quick take review is the perfect way to highlight the awesomeness and beauty that is this book. Especially during today’s difficult-womensocial and political climate, I thought this was the most perfect thing for me to read this past month. I’ve never read anything by Roxane Gay and I am definitely going to be remedying this moving forward!! The only words that I can use to describe this book are: beautiful, moving, heartbreaking and empowering.

This was a collection of stories about a variety of women living through a variety of difficult situations. All of the stories highlight the strengths of each of these women and what it took for each of them to overcome their individual situations. There were some stories that I could relate to and there were some stories that just made my heart shatter into a million little pieces. There’s really not much more to say – I 100% recommend this book to everyone, even if you don’t identify as a woman. This book transcends identities and I think anyone can relate to hardships and overcoming their hardships.

I’ve done a full review with my thoughts & feels on this book on my personal blog where I talk about all things race, feminism, politics, etc. If you’re interested in those thoughts, check it out here!

To round this review out I am going to quote the Kimmy Schmidt intro song, “…females are strong as hell!” 

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