tl;dr behind closed doors lie exciting secrets

Image result Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

It is true what they say… if you enjoyed Gone Girl,  you will definitely enjoy this story. Their life seems perfect.. the perfect wife, living in the perfect house with her perfect husband. But it’s all actually a lie, Jack is a monster. He is keeping her prisoner until he can get his hands on her sister who is due to come live with them in less than 100 days.

It wasn’t always like this, when they met their love story was one for the ages. And even when Grace first becomes Jack’s prisoner, he allows her to live a relatively normal life. That is until she tries to run away the first time. It gets worse with her second attempt. And her third. And her forth.

Grace knows she needs to get out before her sister comes to live with them, and she has a slight suspicion that one of their new friends is suspicious of  of the perfect relationship, but it’s not worth the risk to find out for sure. In the meantime Grace is living in horror as Jack forces her to prepare for her sister’s arrival.

It’s hard to imagine how Grace will get out as Jack controls her every move and punishes her for the tiniest mistake. Sometimes she doesn’t eat for days, other times she’s allowed to go to lunch or dinner with their friends. Jack eventually reveals to Grace that what drive the monster inside of him is fear. Grace quickly sees that it’s true; in the way he sets up scenarios for her to think she has the upper hand and can actually escape, only to be devastated and even more afraid that this is now her life forever.

I have to say that the ending of the story really got me. I knew what had happened when it happened, but what I did not know was how. The last page of the story was overwhelmingly sweet, but not for a reason that you’d expect. For the simple compassion and connection two people can share without realizing it, without talking about, and without asking for it.

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