tl;dr incredible new take on old fairy tales


This review will have some spoilers, because I just can’t review one part of the series.

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The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyerfive-star-rating-black-clip-art-hi

Cinder – she is a cyborg mechanic just helping the Prince… but really she’s Cinderella

Scarlet – she owns a small farm and falls in love with a special operative named Wolf… she’s really the Little Red Riding Hood

Cress – she’s Luna’s best hacker stuck on a satellite away from everyone… Rapunzel much?

Winter – she won’t use her gift, which makes her crazy, but without her the rebellion against her step-mother would have never worked… thanks, Snow White.

Until I wrote those brief explanations, I did not realize what a “girl series” this was… full of (very) strong female lead characters!

Okay now where do I begin? I watched Mina obsess over this series without looking into it for what must have been at least a year. Then on a whim I bought Cinder on my Kindle. I read it in one sitting, well technically it was two train trips – to and from Chicago. I was amazing at what an amazing job Marissa Meyer did in turning Cinderella into a Cyborg. This new world was very easy to be absorbed in, and the story line kept me absorbed for hours.

I borrowed Scarlet and Cress from a 13-year-old. Again, I thought the fairy tale adaptation was amazing. I had never imagined the fairy tale characters could be anything but what they were and was in awe of the ability to turn them into something new, in a completely new world. The shock came when the story of Cinder appeared at the beginning of a chapter… I hadn’t even considered the idea of the fairy tales crossing paths. The stories intertwined in a way I half predicted and loved. The love story of Scarlet and Wolf, as she navigates her tragedy, was incredibly raw and real. Albeit, slightly predicable. Heart wrenching.

After the first two stories, I saw Cress coming. Well not what she turned out to be.. and quiet honestly I pictured Tangled the entire time, even down to the short hair. This may have been my least favorite of the books so far. I found myself skipping passages to get to the “good stuff.” I was so memorized by the story at this point that I just wanted to know what happened next.

Winter was perhaps the least relevant to the fairy tales in my opinion because at that point their world had become too real. At it’s base I see the Snow White parallels, but I was far too absorbed in the rebellion and the empire being over thrown than worrying about the evil step-mother, though of course she was a force to be reckoned with.. down to the bad apple.

Through this re-imagining of the classic fairy tales Marissa Meyer did something I have never seen before, and did it exceptionally well. I adore the way she spun aspects of the fairy tales into a completely different world and brought all their stories together, while keeping the characters true to their original selves.

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