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Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded by Hannah Hartfive-star-rating-black-clip-art-hi

bufferingI got my hands on the Kindle version of this book recently at a pretty good deal via Amazon, and I had been really wanting to check this one out!

I have loved Hannah Harts’ videos for a couple of years now. Not only is she wildly funny and incredibly intelligent, Hannah is authentic, vulnerable and a genuine person for others. I have always appreciated her advocacy for the LGBTQIA++ population and mental health awareness. I dig that she uses her platform to do good 🙂

As I am a consumer of Hannahs’ content, I have definitely heard her journey about this book, so I was all ready for an emotional roller coaster of a book and LET. ME. TELL. YOU. This book hits you in all the feels!! I very much appreciate Hannahs’ willingness to be so open and vulnerable with her readers and her viewers, that this book truly felt like a gift. Reading more about her experience grappling with her mothers’ schizophrenia, her familial relationships, her coming-out experience, her musings on friendship and her view of the entertainment industry – was an incredible reading experience.

As someone who struggles with a mental health illness, reading books like this always bring me so much joy and hope. Joy that these stories have a place in our society and they can be shared. And hope that maybe by sharing these stories, we can continue to create more spaces for healing and make some real headway in this society when it comes to addressing mental health issues.

So, obviously I loved this book – it was fantastic! Thank you Hannah for your beautiful practice-reckless-optimismvoice, your powerful stories and your reckless optimism 😉 This was the perfect pick-me-up kind of a read for this week – it was much needed.

To wrap up this review, I am going to leave you with a favorite Hannah Hart video of mine 🙂 So, go read this book and enjoy Hannahs’ content! 😀

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