October TBR Challenge Wrap Up


Hello readers and Happy Halloween! 🙂 Even though this is getting posted on November 1st, since it’s Halloween the day I’m writing it – I will wish you all a Happy Halloween!! With October being the month of Halloween, we thought it was appropriate to designate this month’s challenge as: a spooky read. Now, Mina was able to get her spooky read in just under the wire. While it wasn’t her original pick, it was still spooky nonetheless. Stick around to see what she read this month! 🙂

Mina: Nightfall by Jack Halpern and Peter Kujawinski    ijss5 (2.5)

nightfallWhen this book originally came out last year, I remember being very intrigued with the premise. This book is set on an island where there are fourteen years of Day and fourteen years of Night. The book begins as Day is ending and Night is beginning, which means the inhabitants of the island must leave. The inhabitants also engage in some bizarre traditions, such as making sure everything is clean before they leave and even adding things to the houses that are part of the original blueprint. Our main characters, Marin, her twin brother Kana and their friend Line, find a lot of these traditions odd, but never get their questions answered. Line goes off into the woods to find something for Marin, and Marin and Kana go looking for him, inevitably leaving the three behind on the island. While trying to escape the island, the three begin to face some of the creatures that live in the Night. Again, the premise sounds interesting and this book definitely had the creep factor that I was looking for. However…there were just a few too many plot holes as the story went on and the climax was just so anticlimactic, that it felt like a major letdown. There were just certain plot lines introduced that either should’ve have been or needed to have built out a bit more. All in all, a spooky read – but wished it could’ve been more.

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