HoF (ToG #3)

Heir of Fire (#3) by Sarah J. Maas

heir-of-fireOh boy…these Throne of Glass books just keep getting better AND better!! This was fantastic!! This book and series are reminding me of why I love high fantasy books, so it’s been really fun to get into these books to feed that love of high fantasy again.

I definitely cannot get much deeper into this review without spoiling this series for y’all, so my readers digest version of my review is: Like I said, this series definitely gets better and better, so keep reading! The world keeps getting bigger and more built out, which was so much fun to read – not super overwhelming which was nice. There was so much more character development and context building. Super action-packed and even built some political intrigue, which was another fun layer to be added into this story. I definitely recommend! Now onto the spoiler-y bits!! 🙂

This review, for me, really splits into three main sections: Celaenas’ magic/Fae training and battle in Doranelle, the chapters about the Witches and Manon, and the chapters of Chaol back in Adarlan.

I’m actually going to start with the chapters about the Witches – which were the chapters that took a bit of warming up for me to genuinely enjoy. At first, it was interesting to start learning more about the Ironteeth witches – the different covens, clans, the inner politics, and the background to these characters. We had a sneak peek into the witches being important to the story in the second book, and it’s now being built out to how they will continue to be involved throughout the series. Quite honestly, a lot of the context building got a little old to read, which made these early chapters a little hard to read. What I did love about these chapters was reading about Manon Blackbeak – one of the main witches that we were following. Her character development was so FANTASTIC and her character arch was so fascinating to read. I will be interested to see what happens when she and Celaena cross paths – will they be allies? Will they be enemies? My theory is that they will be allies, due to her character arch – so, it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

Next, the chapters back in Adarlan with Chaol and Dorian. These were mildly entertaining – I found the Dorian chapters surprisingly more enjoyable than the Chaol chapters. I found Chaols’ character to be a bit annoying to deal with as I read further on… I very much enjoyed Dorians’ character arch, as he struggles with figuring out his place in his own kingdom and as he slowly starts to figure out what is going on with his father. I loved the short storyline with Dorian and the healer, Sorscha. I was definitely suspect of this relationship, but I was still shocked when we found out that she was the spy and then her untimely death… Poor Dorian!! Ugh, and then when the king put on the black Wyrd collars on Dorian – my heart broke!!! This makes me so nervous for the next book – is Dorian going to be able to fight against the collar? Is Celaena going to help him fight it? Is she going to have to kill him?! What?!?! I did also like that we found out more and more about the king’s plans and Chaols’ attempts to begin the plan to take the king down.

Lastly, of course, the chapters on our girl Celaena. Celaena is taken to Doranelle, where she meets with her aunt, Queen Maeve of the Fae. Celaena begins her magic training with Rowan, which were definitely quite slow building. I did appreciate the sprinkle of intrigue that Sarah J. Maas left us throughout these chapters alluding to the evil creatures that were present around Doranelle. The skin walkers – hella creepy. Learning more about Celaena’s past, lineage, and heritage was absolutely fascinating and one of the main reasons why I love high fantasy books!!! And YAAASSS to the introduction of Rowan’s character!! YAASS!! I loved his character through and through, and I especially loved his relationship with Celaena. I loved that it wasn’t romantic, and I appreciated his commitment to her as her friend, partner, and as his Queen. The epic battle at the end with Celaena in her Fae form and the Valg princes was EPIC!!! I absolutely love how creative these villains were and how they feed on the darker parts of your soul and spirit, which is just so unique.

I am pretty stoked to keep reading and getting started on number 4!!! I definitely recommend this series to all those high fantasy lovers out there! 🙂

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