Mina’s Got Her Reading Groove Back!

The Last Council (#4) by Kazu Kibuishi

amulet 4As the title of this post suggests – I’ve been reading! Woohoo!! Epic reading slump is over!!!! Goodness…reading slumps make me so sad, so I’m so happy to be done with it. I’ve been integrating reading before bed back into my life, which has really helped. Another thing that has really helped? …Graphic novels!!! I have been loving graphic novels, as of late, mainly the Amulet series! I think I may start making sure that I read a graphic novel after every few book reads just to keep my reading stride afloat. For my graphic novel reads, I am also going to do shorter reviews – which will be nice for me too! Now – onto the review! 🙂

This one was a smidge bit slower than the other Amulet books – but it was still an exciting one! The main storyline was following Emily as she enters Cielis and is escorted to the Academy. She is told that she’ll need to compete for a spot on the Guardian Council. This was probably the lesser exciting of the story lines, which felt like a bummer. Admittedly, there is a twist in this main story line that makes it end on a much higher note, which does add a layer of fun back into that story line. However – the side storyline was so much more exciting! We followed some of our awesome side characters as we explore the oddities of Cielis and why the city seems so deserted. The higher ups in Cielis are also acting quite odd, which gives our side characters a lot of exciting page time that they haven’t gotten in the past 3 books.

This book definitely did a great job in building us up for an exciting rest of the series – especially the next book in the series!! 🙂


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