TL;DR Better Girl than Gone Girl

good girlThe Good Girl By Mary Kubica

I literally just finished this in one sitting, ate dinner, and sat down to write my review.

The story of Mia, a prominent Chicago judge’s daughter, that gets kidnapped. Instead of handing her over to the bad guys, Colin takes her  to an abandoned cabin in Minnesota where they live for 3 months trying not to freeze and starve to death. Meanwhile her mother spends every second just hoping she’s still alive, while seeing her husband for who he is for the first time.

Unfortunately, there is not much more I can say about the story without giving anything away. But, I can say that the writing was thrilling. It’s told through Detective Hoffman (Gabe), Eve (Mia’s mother), and Colin (her kidnapper). Each chapter is a look through their eyes either “before” or “after.” I found myself completely sucked into this world, to the point that every time my boyfriend appeared, I felt something missing. The story is told and developed incredibly well. This novel definitely rivals Gone Girl. I was able to figure out part of the ending, but of course the last pages held more mystery and surprise.

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One thought on “TL;DR Better Girl than Gone Girl

  1. Ooooo, you’ve got me so curious to read this one!!

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