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Now that grad school has stopped for the rest of the summer, I decided to look into what to read next. After some browsing on GoodReads, checking what was available at my local library, and reminiscing on my love of Gone Girl I settled on Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. While picking the book up from the library, I decided to grab the other Flynn novel on the same shelf.

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The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

The first thing of note about this book is that it is tiny. Like size-of-my-palm-and-only-62-pages tiny. The second thing is that the first sentence was not at all what I was expecting. Mind you I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely had an “oh boy, what IS this book about?!” moment. Once the initial shock wears off, about 10 pages in, this is a very quick read of an interesting story: complete with lots of mystery and a twist ending. Worth the 20 minutes it will take you to read it 🙂


dark placesDark Places by Gillian Flynn

One thing I didn’t know is that this came out as a movie shortly after Gone Girl: must not have done too well. This was another great mystery, right up my alley. The story is about Libby Day who was the lone survivor of her family massacre. Her brother sits in jail for having committed the crime and Libby refuses to go see him. She gets invited to a “Kill Club” meeting, where enthusiasts of the massacre of her family slowly make Libby question if despite her testimony her brother was not the one that killed her mother and sisters.

Having been the only survivor of the crime, Abby has had trouble adjusting to normal life since the age of 7. When she starts to question her own words and convictions about her brother, she slowly starts trying to dig up her past to get answers. The story is told through Libby in the present alternating with her dead family members the day of the murders.


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