bfg movieThis past week, I indulged in re-reading one of my favorite childhood reads, “The BFG” by Roald Dahl!! 🙂 Roald Dahl books were a huge contributing factor to my current love of reading – I read a variety of his books and I have loved all of them. I haven’t re-read them since I was a kid, so I decided that it might be fun to indulge myself 🙂 Particularly because of the release of the movie adaption of “The BFG”!!

I was very much highly anticipating this book-to-movie adaptation and I was so excited to see it right after re-reading it. This also helps me accomplish one of the BookTube-A-Thon challenges! 😉 So, with that – here are some of my thoughts on the book and the mov

ie! 🙂

The BFG by Roal

d Dahl


bfgI remember this being one of my favorite Roald Dahl books as a kid. I found this book to be the most whimsical and truly magical. I loved the BFG and I loved how he collected dreams. As a kid, I was always fascinated by dreams and I found them to be the most magical things. Aside from the magical nature of Roald Dahls’ books, they’re also just super funny and very witty. The humor is very smart and as a kid, I always felt like such a big kid reading these.

Now, as an adult I really appreciate how Roald Dahl writes his books for kids. Like I said, the humor is very smart and very witty, which leads me to believe that Roald Dahl believes in his young readers, which is very empowering. Another thing that I noticed this time around is the strong female protagonist in this story, Sophie. She is sassy, independent, smart, and incredibly brave. She believes in the best of the BFG, which makes my heart happy.

The BFG (The Movie)

Now…let’s chat a little bit about the movie adaptation y’all! 🙂 Like I said earlier, I was very bfg movie posterhighly anticipating this movie when I first saw the trailer in theaters. I have liked most all the other Roald Dahl book-to-movie adaptions: MatildaCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (THE ORIGINAL), and James and the Giant Peach. I think my favorite, so far, has been James and the Giant Peach, which is definitely surprising seeing as how “Matilda” was my favorite book.

I was particularly excited for this one because of the magical nature of this book, so I was excited to see how well it would be translated to film. I think the more obviously magical Roald Dahl books are better suited for film versus movies like Matilda.

That all being said, I really did like this movie. It was so much fun, so visually appealing, and very well adapted. There were a few pieces of the story that were changed from the book, but I think most all of those changes made sense. I loved how both Sophie and the BFG were portrayed in this film, I think both of these characters stayed true to their book versions. The big change was, surprisingly, the main conflict of the story which worked but was definitely the slightest bummer.

The main conflict of the book was that Sophie and the BFG learned that the other giants were going to eat the children from the orphanages, so they develop a plan to save the children. However, the main conflict of the movie was that the giants learn of Sophie’s presence in Giant Country and then set out to find her to eat her. While I didn’t totally get this change in conflict, I did find that this change added an emotional component that the book doesn’t necessarily have as it is written for a younger audience. I was definitely way more invested in the movie storyline, and found myself feeling so anxious throughout the entirety.

Everything else was great and I really appreciated that they kept everything else true to the book. The movie left me with the same feeling of whimsy and magic that the book left me with, which is a definite testament to both Roald Dahl for creating a great original story and also to Steven Spielberg for taking this magical story and translating it wonderfully to the big screen. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a whimsical story full of dreams, bravery, hope, and friendship.


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