Jack, Joseph, and Jupiter

Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidtfive-star-rating-black-clip-art-hi

orbiting-jupiterThis book reminds me of Me Before You.

Ok, really they’re nothing alike, aside from the fact that they both had me ugly crying in the end and I finished both in a day.

If I were you, I would block off an evening and find yourself a quiet spot, have some tissues nearby, and start turning pages. It’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching story you won’t soon forget. You will meet, along with his new foster family, a fourteen year old boy-turned-father named Joseph. What follows is his growing friendship with his new “brother” Jack. What follows is his ceaseless search to finally meet his daughter, Jupiter. This story, his story, will proceed to break your heart for the next 192 pages.

Though it was quick, and told in a manner a middle schooler would understand, this story is not without depth. I do wish we had more pages, but the ones included still pack a punch. The writing is wonderful. Both dialogue and description are simple, yet beautiful. And the characters come alive, even in the brief span of pages we have to get to know them.

Just spend an evening with the lot of them–Jack, Jupiter, and Joseph. Seek warmth in the barn. Count the smiles. Skate on a frozen pond. And always, always, find Jupiter in the sky.

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One thought on “Jack, Joseph, and Jupiter

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