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Hello readers! I’ve got another wonderful dual review for you! I’ve recently read the first two books in the Amulet graphic novel series and I am in love!! I have been in the slightest bit of a reading slump, and I think that graphic novels really are the best way to get yourself out of said reading slumps. They’re engaging and quicker to get through. Definitely do not knock a graphic novel until you’ve tried it.

That being said, I am here to share with you my thoughts and feelings on the first two books in this series. I am so excited to continue with the rest of this series, as I am having so much fun so far! As I will be discussing the second book in this series, I recommend reading with caution so as to not be spoiled for this series. I highly recommend this series – it is fun, imaginative, full of action, and full of great character development! With that, here are my reviews!!

The Stonekeeper (Amulet #1) by Kazu Kibuishi   four-star-rating-black-hi amulet 1
I read this first one in one sitting!! It was so engaging, fun, and you definitely wanted to know how the story finished! In this first installation, you follow Emily and Navi as they attempt to rescue their mother from the arachnopod. In the midst of this rescue adventure, Emily inherits the amulet that contains great power and magic, that belonged to her great-grandfather, Silas. In inheriting this amulet, Emily becomes the new Stonekeeper. Like I said at the beginning, this story was fun, quick, and very engaging. As engaging and action packed as it was, it also had a very whimsical and magical feel to it, as well. I enjoyed having a strong female protagonist (DUH!), and I can tell that her internal struggle to balance the amulet’s power is going to make for a very interesting character story arch. I adored reading the relationship between her and her younger brother, Navi, and I am very much enjoying that in a story targeted towards a younger audience, that family is the most pervasive theme in this book. So, like I said – super fun and super engaging! Highly recommend!

The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Amulet #2) by Kazu Kibuishi    four-star-rating-black-hi (4.5)
amulet 2As I started getting into this second installation, I could immediately tell that this was going to be so much better than the first. There is so much more story development and character development, which is really cool to see well balanced in a graphic novel. I appreciate that we’re not sacrificing either story or character development for the other, in a medium that feels fairly restrictive. In this second book, we follow our crew as they search for a cure to heal Emily and Navi’s mom, and we learn a little bit more about the amulet that Emily inherited. The thing that I appreciated most about this second book was the development of the characters, particularly our main protagonist, Emily. A huge part of this story is Emily’s struggle against the amulet that she wears – balancing what it means to have that kind of power and how to wield it. As a young female, I found this struggle and yearning for balance to be so important and a great role model for young women. Clearly, there is much in story for Emily.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed these first two and am looking forward to picking up the rest! 🙂 If you haven’t checked out graphic novels, I highly recommend that you do! They’re great and a lot of fun! 😀


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