Top 7 Reasons Why I Love Harry Potter

harry potter

Hello readers! I definitely dropped the ball this past week with my weekly Harry Potter post, le sigh. I got sick over the weekend and blogging wasn’t a priority. Plus, I was having a difficult time coming up with a topic for this week’s blog post, which was frustrating. I have all the other posts planned and I am excited about them, but for some reason…I had a hard time coming up with something for this week.

Sooooo…as it is supposed to be a Harry Potter appreciation month of sorts, I decided to go harry potter setsimple with this post and just tell you my top 7 things that I have appreciated about Harry Potter over the years! ❤ I won’t be going in any kind of order with this, these are just the top 7 things that I appreciate or have taken away from Harry Potter and the whole Wizarding World over the years! 🙂 Why 7, you ask? Why – for the seven books, of course! 😉

There will be some mild spoiler-y things in this top 10, so please read on with caution! 

  1. me and hp1

    Me at 10/11 🙂

    “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was released in the US in 1998, which means that I was about 10/11 when I was first introduced to this incredible book! There was
    something special about being the same age as the characters in the book and it felt even more special to feel like I grew up with the characters. I read the last book when  I was about 20, which spans about 10ish years.

  2. J.K. Rowling wrote a wide array of strong female characters throughout the story. Ranging from a main protagonist in Hermione to a strong mother figure in Mrs. Weasley to an ambitious teacher in Professor McGonagall to a young woman who is always herself in Luna. The list can continue, but these were a few of the women that stood out to me!
    women in hp
  3. One of the core themes from Harry Potter that I always loved was friendship and I
    think for a younger demographic, this is so important to read about. The strong and enduring friendships that brought our characters through their journey. In
    particular, the friendships between our male and female characters to break down the myth that males and females can’t be friends.
  4. Our hero is inherently flawed, which makes his journey so much more authentic.
    Since the story starts when Harry is 11 it only makes sense that as Harry grows up, he evolves and changes as we all do as we grow up. Harry experienced fear, sadness, and hopelessness, because things didn’t always come easy for him.
  5. We have such an eclectic cast of characters in all of the books! There is someone for everyone to be able to relate to, which opens these books up to so many more people. Not only is the cast super eclectic, but they have so many different aspects to each of their personalities that make them so real and relatable.
    harry potter cast
  6. The villains throughout the series all have backstories that don’t make them seem like one-dimensional, evil characters. The backstories not only show a different side to each of our villains, but in some ways, makes you feel for them.
  7. Throughout the years, I have developed some incredible friendships from a shared love of Harry Potter! It really is nuts how something like a shared love for something can create strong bonds between people and keep them!

There it is! My top 7 things that I appreciate the most about Harry Potter!! I hope you enjoyed that list and could relate to some of them!

What are some of the top things that you appreciate about Harry Potter?! 

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