Alien…or Not?

The Last Star by Rick Yancey

the last star(3.5) This was my most highly anticipated read of the year and believe you me, I was pumped for it! I started it almost immediately and finished it a little while ago, which I must apologize for my delay in posting this review. With this being my most highly anticipated book of the year, I definitely had to take a little bit of time to mull over what I had read and how I really felt about it amidst the anticipation.

Now that I’ve taken the time to really think about what I’d read and the trilogy in full, I unfortunately did not feel that this book lived up to the anticipation and expectations that I had for this trilogy. I loved the first book so much and felt that Rick Yancey was setting us up for a most epic finale, that I just felt slightly let down by this last book. With this being the last book in the trilogy, I cannot go into much detail without spoiling anything, so all I’ll say in my non-spoiler section is that this book was still full of fast action, creepy imagery, and still totally messed with my mind. Despite feeling slightly let down, Rick Yancey can still write an absolutely mesmerizing book. Now, time for the spoiler section of the review – proceed with caution!

To start, one of the things that I absolutely loved about the first book was the protagonist, Cassie. She was a strong and fearless young female protagonist and I love seeing that in YA books, particularly action packed dystopian books. One of the biggest letting down points of this book was, unfortunately, with Cassie. Cassie went from being this strong protagonist that wouldn’t let anyone tell her what to do to being another young female protagonist swooning after the tall, handsome love interest. Cassies’ actions in this book definitely felt dictated by Evan and her love for Evan, rather than her drive to attempt to save the human race from the Others and to save her brother. I am definitely disappointed in Rick Yancey and wished that Cassie remained as badass as she was in the first book.

Next, part of intrigue of the first and even second book, was that you weren’t entirely sure who the Others were or really what was going on. You were constantly trying to figure out if the Others were actually aliens; and if they were aliens, where did they come from? Why did they want to rid the Earth of the humans? What vested interest did they have? All of these questions should have come to a head in this final book, but unfortunately…the whole plot line just fell short for me. The Others ended up being weirdly enhanced humans who were plotted against one another in order to rid the Earth of humanity enough to start over again. While this is an interesting and engaging plot line, I felt that the way it was delivered was just not hard hitting enough. It didn’t make me feel surprised enough when I read through this last book and read through to the conclusion.

Lastly, I will say what I really did like! I loved how the side characters ended up getting far more developed than some of the named characters; namely Cassie and Evan. I loved reading Bens’ perspective and watching his character develop through the difficult tribulations of losing his friends and feeling like he was slowly losing himself. I adored reading Ringers’ perspective, because she ended up taking the role of the strong and fearless female lead, despite all the terrible things that happened to her. She remained strong for her team and brought them back together when they needed a leader.

All in all, I do love this trilogy and will stand by it. I will say, that there was a long gap of time between when I read the second book and this last one. Which is to say, that had I had read this last book shortly after reading the second book, I think I would’ve gotten a bit more out of reading this last book. This is still a great trilogy and I highly recommend it to all! 🙂

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