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Tales from the Shadowhunter Academyfour-star-rating-black-hi

I have been in the biggest reading slump EVER!! This has been quite nice for that, though. shadowhunter academyThere are 10 novellas in this bind up and I’ve been reading each one in a sitting each, on average. I’ve also been trying to read other books on the side, so hoping that this breaks my reading slump!

This is a collection of 10 short stories chronicling Simon at the Shadowhunter Academy as he begins his journey to Ascend into becoming a Shadowhunter. Simon was definitely one of my favorite characters in The Mortal Instruments series, so I was really excited to get my hands on these stories to get more Simon in my life! I am going to do mini reviews of each short story – spoilers ahead! 

Now that I’ve finished the whole bind-up, I highly recommend reading this before you pick up Lady Midnight! I haven’t gotten to Lady Midnight quite yet, but I can tell that there is a lot of context building done in these stories that will help make that book even better!!

Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy – 4/5

I think this was a great beginning to this bind up of short stories!! We got to see a lot of the characters that we know and love, and get to see Simons’ transition to the Shadowhunter Academy. Him not remembering Clary or Isabelle is surprisingly heartbreaking to read, too. I am also a bit confused as to why Alec has such a problem with Simon? I don’t remember anything about that, so I’ll be interested to see where that story line goes?

The Lost Herondale – 3/5

This one was okay…honestly, not as memorable. We are introduced to the rest of the students at the Shadowhunter Academy along with Simon and we get to see more of Catarina Loss, who is an instructor at the Academy.

The Whitechapel Fiend – 5/5

I loved this one!!! 😀 Especially because of Tessa being a big part of this story!!!! Aaahh!! I was so excited when she was introduced as a guest lecturer at the Shadowhunter Academy. I definitely love reading about Tessa, even though she wasn’t my absolute favorite in The Infernal Devices trilogy. In this particular story, I loved hearing about their life a few years after the fact and seeing how they kept Jem a part of their lives even after his journey into being a Silent Brother. And the Jack the Ripper story! So so good! So creepy – so well written!  

Nothing but Shadows – 5/5

We learn about James Herondale, son of Will and Tessa, as he goes off to the Academy himself. The first thing that I loved about this story was that I really enjoyed reading about the children of the characters from The Infernal Devices trilogy!! So much fun!! Gets me excited about The Last Hours!! Anyways…it was also heart-wrenching to find out James inheriting a part of Tessas’ warlock self, which allows him to disappear into SHADOWS – whoa!!! This was so much fun to read!

The Evil We Love – 3.5/5

We learn a bit more about how the Circle was formed as Robert Lightwood shares his story from their Academy days. This one was fun to read, but I’m not going to lie – it was a bit drier to read than the rest of the stories. The redeeming part of this story, however, was the relationship between Robert and his parabatai, Michael Wayland – yep, Jaces’ father!! Heartbreaking because…dun dun dun!!! Michael is in love with Robert!!! I have all the heart eyes for this for so many reasons! I am really appreciating that Cassandra Clare integrates so many different identities into her stories, especially since the Shadowhunter world can exhibit traits of hypermasculinity. Another reason, it makes the relationship between Robert and his own son, Alec, so much more heartbreaking since Alec is a gay male. My heart!! Another reason why I loved this story – #Sizzy!!!!

Pale Kings and Princes – 5/5

Helen Blackthorn is brought to the Academy to share the story of how she and her brother Mark came to be half-faerie. Now, it is definitely not news that Shadowhunters can’t stand Downworlders and definitely cannot stand the Fey Folk. This was heartbreaking to read, though, because it shows both the truth and hidden truth behind what happens when you discriminate against a particular group. This also starts to show how much Simon struggles with his past Downworlder identity and how to integrate it into his new identity now. The #Sizzy love story also continues in this story, which made my heart smile and cry all at the same time!! :’) My heart!!!

Bitter of Tongue – 3.5/5

Simon is kidnapped…yet again!! Poor Simon. I am sorry, my friend, haha!! Simon is taking by the Fey Folk and locked up in a cage…AGAIN! While Simon is locked away, Mark Blackthorn comes down from The Wild Hunt and tries to reconcile that the Shadowhunters are not coming for him. It is heartbreaking to read about how much Mark misses his family and how he has to put up with knowing that the Shadowhunters had turned their backs on him. Helen and Aline get married at the end of this story – which yes!!! :’) I enjoyed reading more about the Blackthorn family, particularly Julian, which will make reading Lady Midnight so much more fun!!! 🙂

The Fiery Trial – 5/5 

This one got me all in the feels!!! :’) Clary and Simon were asked to be witnesses in Julian and Emmas’ parabatai ceremony – yay!! In order to prepare them, though, they were put through the Trial by Water, which confirmed that they were each others’ parabatai!!! Woohoo!!! Though, the worst part about this, was that we learned how tragic Julian and Emmas’ parabatai relationship actually is, since Julian is in love with Emma!! 😥 Nooo!! All in all, great story – all the feels!!!

Born to Endless Night – 5/5

This was a BEAUTIFUL story in so many ways!!! The group finds a warlock baby that Magnus and Alec end up adopting, which I believe is such an incredibly important story to tell. This broke my heart in so many ways – to watch the reconciliation begin between Alec and his father, Robert and Maryse, and Robert and Izzy. My heart couldn’t handle it when the baby was named after Max – all of the tears!!!

Angels Twice Descending – 5/5

Of course, the big finale! Now unfortunately I was spoiled for a big thing that happens in this story, which was a bummer, but this was still fun to read anyways. Simon gets to spend some time with his mother one more time because if he is able to Ascend, he will never be able to see her again. Simons’ relationship with his mother has been heart breaking from the start and this was the worst part. Simon, as a character, has also grown so much and I have truly grown to love him so much!! The Ascension Ceremony begins and Simon successfully ascends, but then…when it’s Georges’ turn…he doesn’t make it through Ascension. This was what I was spoiled on…but it was still hard to read. You grew to really love George and his relationship with Simon. Fast forward a bit, and Simon has been Portaled to London where George is buried – and he takes Lovelace as his Shadowhunter last name in Georges’ memory – which is beautiful for so many reasons.

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