April TBR Jar Challenge Wrap Up

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Hello readers! April has come and gone and I think it might be safe to say that Spring has finally arrived for everyone? 🙂 This months challenge was: a book with a cool cover. This was definitely a fun challenge and a bit less…heavy? I think it’s also safe to say that we all fall victim to occasionally judging books by their covers and honestly, I totally think that’s okay every once in a while 😉 With that being said, here are our mini reviews for the month!

Half Wild by Sally Green  –   three-star-rating-black-hi
half wildAlthough Half Wild suffers a bit from second book syndrome, Sally Green still keeps things moving at a pretty good pace. I also love Nathan as a character–he’s so intriguing!–so his point of view helps things as well. I just didn’t like how so much of the book focused on Annalise; I’m not a big fan of her, and parts that focused on Marcus or the Alliance were far more interesting. I’m still interested in picking up the last book; I think it’s going to have a much better focus than Half Wild.

Christina: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I have to be honest with everyone – this month has been the epitome of a reading slump 😦 Work has been crazy busy and life has also kept me swept up in a constant stream of busy. I am definitely working on this, but unfortunately – I will not have it read in April – le sigh… I am very excited to read this, though! 🙂 Especially with Rachel’s high praises!

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  1. […] loved Half Bad, the first book in the trilogy. The second, Half Wild, was decent enough. But this? This was an exercise in […]


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