Happily Ever After…For Real

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

I was so excited to get my hands on this bind up of novellas following the Lunar Chronicles!! stars aboveThe Lunar Chronicles definitely surprised me, as a series, and I loved it!!! With the way
that Winter ended, I absolutely wanted and needed more and I think everyone else who read Winter can agree. You can check out my review for Winter here.

This is a collection of 9 short stories following some of the various characters that we saw from the Lunar Chronicles, including the wedding of the century!! I enjoyed each novella in varying degrees, but overall, I loved this bind up. It was a definite fun read and I really enjoyed getting back into this world with these characters. I am going to do mini reviews of each short story – and warning: spoilers ahead!!

The Keeper – 3/5

This short story gave us the background to Michelle Benoit, Scarlets’ grandmother. We get a glimpse into Michelles’ history with Lunar, her life with young Scarlet, and then when Cinder gets delivered to her home. This was a fun backstory to read – I was neither here nor there with it. It was fun to read more about Michelle Benoits’ character because she was alluded to so much in the series, and we didn’t get to see a lot of her in the other books. Plus, it was great to read about Cinders’ origin story!

Glitches – 4/5

This story story follows Cinder to her new home in New Beijing. This was a great pre-Cinderella story as we start to see how Cinders’ new stepmom treats her, due to her cyborg-ness. I loved reading Cinders’ relationship with Pearl again!! My heart aches for Pearl!! This short story ends with Linh Garans’ (Cinders’ stepfather) being taken away because he has the disease. Plus, Iko was introduced!! 🙂

The Queen’s Army – 4/5

This is Wolfs’ origin story and I definitely enjoyed it. This was so great!! This was definitely one of the more emotional short stories, as well. It starts with Wolf as a young boy being taken away from his family, which was heartbreaking!! Then, we see Wolf begin his transition into the Queen’s Army and the wolf-like transformation that he is put through. It was good, action-packed, and very emotional. Definitely dug it! 🙂

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky – 3/5 

This is Thornes’ origin story – and this was definitely indicative of his personality. It was fun, light-hearted, and surprisingly sweet which I wasn’t expecting. I have a love/hate relationship with Thorne in the Lunar Chronicles and so, it was refreshing to read a different perspective on him.

After Sunshine Passes By – 4/5

This is Cress’ origin story – and this was probably the second most emotional short story in the whole bind up. We read about just how much Cress, as a shell, wants to impress those above her and just be accepted. Then, she gets locked away in her satellite to be left alone for however long she needs to be in there. Oh, my heart!

The Princess and the Guard – 4/5

This was a background story on Winter and Jacin, and really a lot of Lunas’ political system. We read about when Winter was a child and how she was actually very gifted. She sees a servant woman try to kill herself, and uses her abilities to save her. This eventually comes to a sad ending, when the woman ends up killing herself later, causing Winter to reassess the way in which she uses her abilities and vows to never use them again. We read about the incident in which the Queen forever scars Winters’ beautiful face and we really start to see just how much the Queen really does fear Winter.

The Little Android – 2.5/5

Honestly, I didn’t get this one – I wasn’t sure how this related to the rest of the Lunar Chronicles and it just kind of went over my head. It was an enjoyable story, but I didn’t see it fitting in.

The Mechanic – 4/5

This one was a fun one! This retold the story of how Kai and Cinder met, but from Kai’s perspective, which was just loads of fun! 🙂

Something Old, Something New – 5/5

This is the epilogue that all the fans were waiting for!!! 😀 The wedding of the century!!! But, who’s wedding?!?!?! 🙂 Scarlet and Wolf!!!! 😀 Hooray!!! I loved it! Loved every single minute of it! I ate this one up! It was so great to see all of the characters together again – putting together a secret wedding for Scarlet and Wolf, so that the media can’t ruin their special day. And of course, Kai’s proposal at the end to Cinder!! My heart!!! :’) This is what I have been craving since Winter!!!

Hooray for happy endings!!! 🙂

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