City of Lost Souls (#5) by Cassandra Clare

Now that I’ve finished reading The Infernal Devices trilogy, I am definitely having more funcity of lost souls reading The Mortal Instruments series. If you didn’t enjoy TMI series, then I definitely recommend picking up TID trilogy. It’s better written, has less YA tropes, and is so much more fun to read. That being said, I’m too far into The Mortal Instruments series so I need to finish it now.

This 5th installment was definitely the slowest of the series and also my least favorite cover, haha!! This book reinforces how much I don’t like Clary as a protagonist and how much I cannot stand Jace/Clary’s relationship, but I am loving the side characters and the story lines that come with them. There has been a pattern with these books where the main conflict was majorly built up to, but then resolved very quickly. I will say that in this one, the main conflict played out for a while, which made the slowness of the book worth it. I am also going to include some of my theories for the last book in the series, City of Heavenly Fire, at the end of this post. Now, for spoilery stuff!!!

Like I said before, Clary has annoyed me from the beginning and somehow still seems to annoy me. Clary is very hot-headed, stubborn, and very rash. Clary doesn’t seem to ever think through her decisions and just kind of goes with whatever thought comes into her mind, especially when it comes to Jace. In this book, it has also become quite evident that Clary gets it all from her mother, Jocelyn who also annoys me. With Jace having gone missing and then after seeing him with Sebastian, Clary doesn’t even bother talking through strategy with her fellow Shadowhunters and simply decides to go after Jace and Sebastian all on her own, despite the dangers associated with said journey. Even when Simon (her BEST FRIEND) tried to stop her and talk some reason into her, she essentially said, “I don’t care what you say, I am going either way, so there…” Le sigh…Clary, why?!?! I’m not gonna lie, when I learned of their faerie ring connection plan, I already called it that Sebastian would be stealing her ring. Good plan, Clary, good plan…NOT!

Now for some of the other relationships: Sizzy and Malec. Let’s start with Sizzy: Simon and Izzy. I have loved Sizzy for a very long time and I have been anxiously waiting for them to get together. I just think they’re such a great balance of Izzy’s harder exterior with Simon’s inherent softness. So, reading their back and forth and their “are we together or not?” just broke my heart over and over again. I just want them to have the DTR conversation and just be happy together! They both deserve it!! Now Malec: Magnus and Alec. Alec…why?!?! Alec bugged me so much in this book, with his constant need to be reassured of their relationship, as he learned new things about Magnus’ past. Alec – Magnus has lived for centuries!! Of course he’s been with other beings!!! Gosh!!! That has NOTHING to do with your relationship in the present day!! My heart. Don’t even get me started on his attempt to deal with Camille in order to attempt to take Magnus’ immortality away from him. Alec – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! No wonder Magnus ends it in the end! How could you?! Such a betrayal of trust!! Why?!

The main conflict/storyline of this one was Clary trying to figure out what Jace and Sebastian are doing in their apartment that moves?? Jace and Sebastian are now connected due to the spell that Lilith had originally cast to bring back Sebastian. Jace now believes what Sebastian believes, and they cannot hurt/kill Sebastian because it would hurt/kill Jace. Clary comes with them under the guise that she is trying to learn how to trust Sebastian (her brother), in order to learn of their plan which she will relay back to her fellow Shadowhunters. Like I said before, I definitely thought this was a bad idea from the beginning. Clary made it super obvious that she didn’t trust Sebastian and it definitely didn’t seem like she was trying. The whole sexy time with Jace under Sebastians’ control all just felt so wrong and I did not like it. I did not like it at all. Nothing about Sebatians’ backstory made me feel for him, which I think makes him an incredibly frightening villain. Sebastian is willing to do anything in order to achieve what he aims to do, and that makes him a fantastic villain. I dig it. There was the moment where Jace had the Lilith rune temporarily injured that brought him back to his normal self, and that moment with Clary was quite heartbreaking. That was probably the only Clace moment that I actually liked, really felt all the emotions for, and was not creeped out by. It was heartbreaking to hear how he’d rather be dead than be doing what he was doing with Sebastian, which is just so sad.

The main side story was when Magnus, Alec, Izzy, and Simon went to raise up Raziel, in order to find out a way to separate Jace and Sebastian without hurting Jace. Now this is very dangerous as summoning Raziel can kill whoever is doing the summoning. Simon volunteers to actually do the summoning because he still has the Mark of Cain on him that protects him, so hypothetically summoning Raziel won’t hurt him. I loved Simons’ banter with Raziel – it was the perfect portrayal of Simons’ personality and I love him!! Raziel gives them a sword of Heaven named Glorious, but takes the Mark of Cain from him. This made me super nervous because this makes me worry that Simon will be one of the people to die in the last book, which would break my heart!!! 😥

The big fight towards the end when Sebastian finally raises Lilith again and starts to create these dark Shadowhunters was actually quite delightful to read. Again, it didn’t just come and go like it has in the other books, and so I appreciated reading the length of it all. When Magnus was nearly killed – my heart stopped and I nearly lost it. Alec was definitely super badass in this fight, and it was a side of Alec that we haven’t seen it. He was totally shooting his arrows like a BOSS! I loved it!! Of course, Sebastian and Lilith get away which I’m sure is leading up to an epic war in the last book.

 I cannot talk about this book without mentioning…Brother Zachariah aka JEM!!!! 😀 I loved every time Jem came into the story because it warmed my heart!! There were a few Infernal Devices references, such as when Jace reads the inscription in A Tales of Two Cities that Will wrote to Tessa. I also loved when Clary asked Brother Zachariah if he had ever been in love and was there ever anyone that he would’ve died for; his answer was two people!!! Will and Tessa!!!! Oh, my heart!! Cassandra Clare!!! How could you do this to me?!?! I loved it!!!

Now, time to theorize about City of Heavenly Fire. I recognize that I am very behind in the game, but please DO NOT SPOIL THIS FOR ME!! 🙂 Here are my theories:

  • Brother Zachariah goes back to being Jem early in City of Heavenly Fire and he joins in on the fight against Sebastian and Lilith alongside the modern day Shadowhunters. I also want more TID references!!!
  • In the end, Alec sees Maureen and she has blood all over her. When he asks about Camille, she tells him that she killed her. So, this brings me to two theories:
    • Camille is not dead. There is no way that a newbie vampire like Maureen could take out one of the oldest and deadliest vampires. This would lead me to believe that Maureen is covering for Camille either because she is trying to hide or she is working to side with Sebastian and Lilith.
    • Maureen really did kill Camille and then she turns Alec!!! This would make Alec immortal which would solve the Malec relationship struggle…
  • Tessa – I want Tessa to be in CoHF…even if it’s a minor role. But of course, not along with Brother Zachariah/Jem, since she doesn’t know about him going back to being Jem till the epilogue of Clockwork Princess.
  • Apparently 6 known characters die in CoHF. Here’s who I think they are:
    • Alec – If he becomes a vampire, technically, that means he died.
    • Simon – This would BREAK MY HEART!!
    • Jocelyn – With crazy Sebastian loose, I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed her.
    • Maia or Jordan
    • Sebastian – I mean, he’s the main villain…he obviously has to die?
    • Raphael

Alright, thank you reading with me all the way through this very long blog post, haha! If this series is good for one thing, it’s this whole theorizing business. I have enjoyed it so far and will be sad to see it come to a close with CoHF. But then…I have Lady Midnight awaiting me as well and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about it 😉

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2 thoughts on “CoLS

  1. EggsAndBooks says:

    Ah I loved reading this and remembering how I felt when I read it a couple years ago 🙂 it’s so nice! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on CoHF- and believe me, you will have a lot 😉


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