The Divergent Series: Allegiant Movie Review

The Divergent Series: Allegiant – 75%

I am going to start this post by saying that it has been a little while since I’ve allegiantread Allegiant, but I got myself caught up using Shmoop. I loved the Divergent trilogy and Allegiant was definitely my favorite of the three. I thought it was well-written and captivating. Veronica Roth took some risks with this book and I love her for them. I believe I am in the minority of people in saying that I loved this book and even the ending of the book. I thought it was a powerful ending, full of symbolism, and definitely brought the story around full circle.

After seeing this movie, I still don’t understand it being split into two movies (aside from the money). I have no idea what is going to be in the second part of the finale, especially with how this first movie went. It was weird and the plot went in a lot of weird directions, and I didn’t like it. Overall, the movie wasn’t bad – it was very action-packed and I think most people are going to enjoy it. Now, I’m about to get into spoiler stuff about the movie AND book, so if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, I wouldn’t recommend reading further until after you’ve read the incredible book and watched the okay movie 🙂

  I was not a huge fan of how the movie started out with the very aggressive trials of the people who helped Jeanine. It was weirdly aggressive and I was not a fan of Evelyn carrying out the wishes of the people, which essentially meant executing the people on trial. Yay justice! Joanne, head of Amity, leaves the trial establishing the group “Allegiant”, which I don’t actually think we understood how it started? In the book, this group is already established and is actually the group that helps Tris and Four to the wall. Though, I will say that I liked the movie scene where they were climbing up the wall. I loved seeing how clumsy Caleb was in the whole escaping the city process.

Something that I saw in the trailer that bugged me was the weird red landscape beyond the wall. I have no idea why they decided to take it in that direction…it made it look like were on Mars or something? It was a weird visual direction because that is not how it was explained in the book, at all. Also, can we talk about how weirdly technologically advanced the Bureau seemed? Definitely not how I imagined what was beyond the wall or the Bureau. There also seems to be so many more people in the Bureau than I remember being described in the book. In the book, we are introduced to Zoe, we meet Amar again, we meet David, and a few other people. I was also very weirded out by the kidnapping of the children from the Fringe in order to experiment on them and create more Bureau citizens? Definitely not in the book – definitely a weird addition to the story. I don’t know if it was added in order to really make you feel like the Bureau is an evil place, but I’m fairly certain that David did that enough on his own.

The whole genetically damaged (GD) versus genetically pure (GP) was probably one of the main story lines that was consistent from the book to the movie. The GD versus GP case was more built out in the book with David explaining how they were trying to get rid of the unwanted characteristics within the human condition – and in the movie, it wasn’t really fully explained. It was explained more like they want people to be more perfect, which I guess is similar, but not really? I also was not digging how Tris was the only GP character who wore the weird all-white outfit, that was just an overly obvious statement about Tris being GP.

My biggest issue – the memory serum. Why!?! I was watching Christines’ Allegiant movie talk and she brought this up, which made me realize how ridiculous this was in the movie. First of all, the memory serum being unleashed in Chicago definitely happens in the end of the book which leads to Tris dying. When the memory serum was released in Chicago, I was very confused as to why no one seemed affected by the serum that was released into the air?!?! I mean, it was a gas in the air…and no one was affected by it?! I just don’t understand – they were standing in it!!! The memory serum acted like a weird monster goblin that only affects you if it consumes you?! This was supposed to be the beautiful moment where Tris sacrifices herself for her city and her brother because she is the only one immune to the memory serum. I also do not understand why the memory serum was accessible in the city, when it was supposed to be in the Bureau because they were the ones to release it into the city.

My theories for the next, unnecessary, movie: I have a strong feeling that the second movie is mainly going to be a battle between the city of Chicago and the Bureau/David. Which is weird and a little unnecessary, but okay. I have a feeling that Tris won’t die which makes me sad because her dying in the book was a powerful plot mover and it was one of the risks that Veronica Roth took that I loved. I also am curious as to how the death serum is going to come into play in the next movie, because that was a huge part of the story along with the memory serum. Maybe David is going to try to use it on Tris because he’s upset with her? Or he’s going to try to use it on someone she loves, like Four or Caleb? If she doesn’t die, maybe Four or Caleb will die instead?

In summary, I didn’t hate the movie as much as I thought I was going to, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t that much more different than I thought it was going to be, but there were enough weird plot line differences that I wasn’t happy with the changes. This being said, I’ll definitely be watching the second part because I am now too invested.

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