Glorious Finish to TID!!

Clockwork Princess (#3) by Cassandra Clare

Okay, now THAT is how you finish a trilogy!! Way to go, Cassandra Clare!! Why can’t The clockwork princessMortal Instruments series be like THIS BOOK?! This book gave me all the feels, kept me guessing, and left me theorizing about the rest of The Mortal Instruments series!! I cannot wait to see how certain pieces from this book fit into the rest of The Mortal Instruments series.

I was definitely between a 4.5 and a 5 with my rating of this book – and finally settled on a 4.5. This book was absolutely wonderful, but there were just some pieces of this book that felt like were just filler pieces and, again, the main conflict of the book felt too easily solved. I’ll get into it more in the spoiler portion of my review, but I was a little disappointed that after all the build-up it seemed to just resolve itself and end. So, now to head into the spoiler portion of the review! 🙂

The beginning of this book was definitely the slowest part of this book. The initial conflict with Benedict Lightwood and the demon worm transformation was a little odd and felt very alien movie-esque, so I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I did appreciate it being a great plot tool to move along Gabriel and Gideons’ story arches because I was definitely interested in learning more about the brothers. This is also where we begin to witness the badass-ness that is Cecily Herondale – Wills’ sister!! 🙂

Now Jem…oh Jem…my heart!! 😥 Jem was the main source of my heartache throughout this entire book for different reasons. Between the slow dying because of the yin fen in his system to HIM DYING to HIM NOT DYING to the EPILOGUE?! Yeah…my heart definitely had a hard time taking all of this. A huge reason why I liked this book and this trilogy was the emphasis on the parabatai bond between Will and Jem. There’s definitely a heavy romantic storyline, but I appreciate that there are also strong friendship and family relationships through this story. Will and Jem have an incredibly unique relationship, and it broke my heart to read about how they were willing to do whatever they needed to do for one another.

AND THEN – finding out that Jem became Brother Zachariah?!?!?! WHAT?!?! My heart broke into a million little pieces when he decided to take on the runes of the Silent Brothers in attempt to stay alive? My heart!! Jem!!!!

Tessa…the great mystery that is Tessa. We finally find out her ancestry, and it was a bit more anticlimactic than what I was hoping for, honestly. It was just such a big build up, that I was expecting a bit more than finding out that Tessa was part-Shadowhunter and part-Demon. There was so much mystery surrounding it that when I found out that was all it was, I was kind of like “meh”…interesting, but that was it? That’s what you have been building me up for three books for…? In general, I honestly have found Tessa to be an underwhelming character, which bums me out! She had so much potential and maybe my bar is set too high for female protagonists, but she just didn’t meet it for me. Now, I will say – when she unlocked the angel, Ithuriel, from her necklace and essentially became him in order to take down Mortmain? That was pretty cool. However, just like in Clockwork Prince, the main conflict seemed to just happen and then it was done, just like that. Especially since this was a build-up through three books, that all she had to do was take the form of Ithuriel and then she just seemed to squish Mortmain with her/his hand?

THE END – let’s talk about the ending of this book!!! First: the hour that Tessa got to have with Jem in order for him to let go of his remaining mundane ties with her just broke my heart. I have loved Tessa and Jem from the beginning, and I knew that their love was real and true, and to watch them say good-bye was so painful. Oh, don’t even get me started on their promise to meet each year on the Blackfriar Bridge – the tears definitely came when this happened. Then the good-bye between Jem and Will was just as painful to watch, because their relationship was so pure and so strong.

Second: #datepiloguedoe!!! Reading about Will and Tessas’ life after all the events of the trilogy along with the others was surprisingly heartwarming. They got live a full life together, and then when Will died, my heart really did break for Tessa. I cannot imagine living a life where you outlive those you live, and when she talked about how she could not stand the idea of outliving her children after outliving her husband, it wrecked my heart. This epilogue was truly the most beautiful things that she has written and it was pleasantly surprising. Of course…when Tessa comes to the Blackfriar Bridge in 2008 to meet up with Jem, I didn’t know what to expect, but I definitely was NOT expecting to see…Jem?!?! Not like Brother Zachariah Jem, but like real Jem!!! The tears were a coming when this happened – Tessa and Jem could be with each other again!!!! And of course, the mention to what I believe is City of Heavenly Fire got me all sorts of excited to finish The Mortal Instruments series! 🙂

Overall, I was highly impressed with this trilogy and definitely had a great time reading it. I do wish that The Mortal Instruments series was as good as The Infernal Devices trilogy, but for now I’ll just take being able to read both of these sets of books. Cassandra Clare definitely has a talent for weaving stories together – I find it very impressive that she seamlessly weaves together TMI and TID to make them fit together so well. I love it!! 🙂

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