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Clockwork Prince (#2) by Cassandra Clare
three-star-rating-black-hi (3.5)

clockwork princeIf you’re reading the title of this blog post and are hating me a little bit, no worries…I hate me a little bit too…haha!!! 😛 I have officially been sucked into Cassandra Clares’ world and I don’t hate it – I am actually quite enjoying it. I still stand by this trilogy being way better than The Mortal Instruments series. Like way better!! I am super bummed that The Mortal Instruments series barely even holds a candle to The Infernal Devices trilogy – which bums me out as I continue to finish out that series too. Anyways, I had such a fun time reading this second installment and had to pick up the third book right away (which I’m making my way through right now). Now, for spoilers…

I love that Magnus and Jem play bigger roles in this book as they are definitely two of my favorite characters. Reading about Magnus in this trilogy makes reading about him in The Mortal Instruments series so much more fun and definitely gives him more context. And Jem, be still my heart…be still. I love Jem!!! 😀 Jem is sweet, intelligent, kind, and strong and I love him. Tessa, if you really want to be with Will, I’ll definitely take Jem off your hands 😉 Speaking of…

As tired as I am of the YA love-triangle trope, I actually think it sort of works in this story? This is where I’m still torn about where I stand with my rating because I am definitely tired of the love-triangle dramatic story line. As we’re reading this story, we’re led to believe that Will is this pompous, arrogant jerk and so, of course, Tessa being drawn to Jem made more sense to me. As mentioned earlier, Jem is definitely the better of the two and Tessa deserves to be with someone like Jem. When Jem proposed to Tessa, my heart just exploded into tiny little pieces!! I loved it – and it made me so happy. Until Cassandra Clare felt the need to break my heart by revealing Wills’ tragic backstory – which honestly, is another YA trope that I’m sick of: the bad boy with the tragic backstory. I’m sick of it because the tragic backstory doesn’t always make the terrible behavior okay and I don’t like that this YA trope makes it okay for guys to act like jerks.

Wills’ tragic backstory also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. When Will was young, a demon cursed him so that anyone that ever loved him would die. After the death of his older sister, Ella, that was when Will ran away from home and made his way to the London institute to start his life as a Shadowhunter. This is why he has been acting like a jerk to everyone around him because he was trying to intentionally distance himself from those around him, in efforts to protect them. BUT – that makes no sense, because it was OBVIOUS that the Shadowhunters of the London Institute loved him!! It was obvious that Charlotte and Jem loved him, at least, and neither of them died?! Should that not have been an indication to Will of something that is a little off about his “curse”? And obviously, Tessa loves him – is she dead? NOPE! So, when we find out that his curse wasn’t real, he claims that he can finally be close to those around him…which was definitely kind of dumb. If anything takes away from my rating of this book, it would definitely be this story line. Sigh…

I must also admit, I’m not a huge fan of Tessas’ character either. She was supposed to be training along with Sophie with the Lightwood brothers, but that hardly seemed to make much of an impact on Tessa. Every time she was confronted with some kind of fight, she didn’t think to change into her fighting gear ahead of time and she didn’t actually seem to know how to use her weapons. She always seems a little helpless, which is heartbreaking because I was really hoping that she would be a stronger female protagonist.

Sophie, on the other hand, is a great example of a strong female character. Sophie is the house maid of the London Institute, so no one expects her to be as strong as she is. She seems to excel at her training and she was such a humble soul, that she didn’t seek out the attention like Tessa always seemed to. Plus, I hardcore ship Sophie and Gideon Lightwood – my little heart grew three times its size every time I read about them together.

Now for the Jessamine bit – WHAT?!?! I was genuinely surprised by this plot twist – thank you Cassandra Clare for some excitement amidst all the relationship drama in this book. I was so mad at Jessamine!! How dare she throw the people who raised her and loved her under the bus…over some guy?! Especially some guy that proved himself to be the bad guy in the first book?! Why?! Why Jessamine?!

The other part of the book that felt slightly underwhelming was the actual conflict of the book, unfortunately. The fight in the abandoned warehouse with the automatons and Nate went really quickly and was incredibly underwhelming. Though, the best part of this conflict was finally getting real hints to what Tessa really is – so, is she..?! Is she part-Shadowhunter and part-Downworlder? And if she is, what Downworlder is she?! Is she a fae?! Is she a warlock?! I need to know, Cassandra Clare!!! I do not appreciate being kept in the dark for this long!!! Anyways, back to the point…this fight was kind of blah and Nate’s confession to what Tessa was was the only dramatic part of this whole scene.

So, heading into Clockwork Princess, I want to know: WHO IS TESSA and what happens to the Will-Tessa-Jem love triangle?! Team Jem 5ever!! I stand by this!!! Tessa, please don’t break my heart and pick Will. Jem is so much better!!!

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