City of Fallen Angels (#4) by Cassandra Clare

Alright, since I’m this far into the world of the Shadowhunters, my goal is to just finish offcity of fallen angels both of The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices trilogy. I would definitely call these a real guilty pleasure read for myself – they’re fun, they read very fast, and they make my inner high-school self very happy.

So far, this is definitely one of my least favorites of the books that I’ve read thus far along with City of Bones and City of Ashes. That being said, it was still fun and I definitely read the majority of it in one sitting. Cassandra Clare definitely has a way of creating this world that keeps you guessing with each book and knowing how to get you invested in this world and the characters. This one was a bit of a slower build-up, but it definitely leaves you on a huge cliff hanger. (Spoilers coming!)

My little Simon Lewis fangirl heart was so full after reading this book. Simon is definitely my favorite character, and my heart went out to him as he struggled with adjusting to his new life as a Daylighter vampire. Simon also had it oh so rough in this book, which also broke my little fangirl heart. Starting with when his mom’s reaction to finding out that he was a vampire to his heartbreaking Simon-Maia-Izzy love triangle to the crazy messed up Lilith nonsense at the end, my dear Simon couldn’t catch a break! 😥 By the way, #Sizzy 5ever!! 😉 I did love his relationship with Luke in this book since Luke really understood how difficult it could be being a Downworlder amongst Shadowhunters.

I still am not a fan of Clary/Jaces’ relationship AT ALL. One would think that now that they know that they’re not siblings anymore, it wouldn’t feel weird and wrong…but oh no, it still does. In general, I do not like how there is so much conflict that mucks up their relationship that makes it feel so wrong. The weird visions Jace kept having every time he was with Clary and then that weird stabbing her during almost sexy times scene just made me so uncomfortable. Nothing about their relationship feels healthy or productive, and it makes me cringe every time I read about them.

Something I was a fan of though was the addition of Kyle. I appreciated the role that he played in helping Simon throughout the book because I really felt that Simon needed a friend and ally. I enjoyed reading about his backstory and finding out about his connection to Maia, which was also heartbreaking.

Now, the Lilith cult/conflict/Sebastian resurrection climax…what can I say…?! o_0 This whole thing was super creepy and I hated that I could imagine all of it so clearly. Starting from the creepy cult in the church with Clary to the dead babies (WORST PART IN THE WHOLE BOOK) to the Sebastian resurrecting scene on the roof, all of it was intense and very crazy. I audibly gasped when Sebastian was brought back and Lilith explained how she was going to try and bring him back. I definitely had a feeling that Sebastian wasn’t gone for good after City of Glass…but knowing that Simon needing to bring him back broke my heart and was just oh so creepy. I also am not sure how it was so easy for Simon to get rid of Lilith, since she is one of the oldest Greater Demons ever?? I have a weird feeling that Lilith will also be back…and the creepy cliffhanger with Sebastian was nuts!!!

Again overall, this book was fun and easy to read. Next in this world, I am currently reading Clockwork Prince of The Infernal Devices trilogy. I have to give it to Cassandra Clare, her ability to interweave two series/two worlds together is really something else. I am really enjoying going from present day Shadowhunter fun to the prequel ancestry story, really heightens all of the story plots. So, I’m pretty excited to keep going and I’m hoping that I’ll get through the rest of the books in the next month or so!!


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