When Geeks & Nerds Rule the World

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
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I have heard nothing but great reviews about this book, so when I stumbled upon this inblind date with a book my local bookstore when they set up a table full of “Blind Date with a Book” books. I have definitely heard of the “Blind Date with a Book” and so, I was thrilled when my local bookstore did this at the beginning of February. Then, I saw this and immediately knew what it was!! Definitely felt that it was meant to be – so, I definitely brought it home with me 🙂

Like I said, this book has been getting rave reviews from most everyone I know that has read it. I think the clues in this picture definitely gives a perfect synopsis to what you can expect from this book. If you enjoy 80’s pop culture, ready player onevideo games to any extent, science-fiction, and any other forms of fandom – you are going to love this book! Quick synopsis: In the year 2044, the virtual reality known as the OASIS is where the majority of people spend their time because the world has gotten real terrible. The creator of OASIS has passed away, and has left his fortune to whoever can find the Easter Egg that he has hidden somewhere in the OASIS. He has set up puzzles based on his obsession with 80’s pop culture and participants need to figure out the puzzles to find the Easter Egg. The race is on for the participants, especially after Wade Watts found the first one!

This book is a definite good time! The only reason why I didn’t give this book a 5-star rating, was that it did take me roughly 100 pages to get into because of the world building. This isn’t a bad thing, but it definitely takes a little bit to get used to the world because you’re learning about the world climate of 2044 and the world within the OASIS. Once I got through it though, I flew through the rest of the book.

The characters are really what made this book so much fun – partly because we got to know them within the OASIS and always wondered what they were like in the real world. The difference in Wades’ character between his OASIS avatar and his real self was astonishing, but made his character even more endearing. I can totally understand the appeal in polishing up a few parts of my personality/character that I don’t necessarily like about myself. I think everyone can relate to this, which makes Wade and the other characters in this book so relatable and you want to root for them!

I’ll be totally honest and say that I didn’t get all of the 80’s references, haha! I did get a lot of them, but since I was born in the latter half of the 80’s, a lot of these references were a little bit after me. These references are definitely a huge part of what made this book so much fun! I also listened to an 80’s Spotify playlist while reading this book, which only enhanced the fun of the book. It was ingenious how Ernest Cline wove together various aspect of 80’s pop culture into riddles that the characters had to unravel in order to move forward in the OASIS. 80’s pop culture + puzzles = SO MUCH FUN!

The book was super action-packed, as well, and it was all written so well. All of the action in the book felt very video game-y and science fiction-y, which totally appealed to my little geeky heart. The action also gripped my heart and made me nervous for Wade and the others, as those that wanted to take the Easter Egg for world domination (essentially) came after them. I think the action portions of this book is definitely what distinguishes this book as an adult fiction, rather than YA. This can definitely read like YA, especially since the protagonist is in his teens, but the action in this movie is a bit more dire and built out than in YA novels.

This book is great fun – and I would totally recommend this for anyone who enjoys video games, 80’s references, geeky fandoms, or just enjoy a good time 🙂

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