“We’re Coming With You, Harry…”

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (#5)


harry potter 5Truth be told, I have been in a massive reading slump this entire month…hence why it nearly took me the entire month to read this one. BUT – I am actually quite glad that I ended up taking my time reading through this fifth installment in my beloved series because I got to really dive into the book and all its wonderfulness.

I loved it – loved every single minute of it!! Definitely 100% better than the movie AND there are so many details that: a) I, sadly, forgot and b) weren’t in the movie, which is so disappointing!! Overall, this book was fantastic, full of incredible detail, and got really dark…like real dark, y’all! Loved it and it just makes me so happy!!

First major observation that I had during my re-read: Harry is super angsty in this book. Like whoa. I mean, I get it…he really does have it super rough, but come on Harry!! His angst definitely got in the way of his better judgment throughout the book, which was frustrating to read. I just wanted Harry to take a deep breath and listen to those around him, but truth be told – this was a rough book for Harry. Dumbledore was avoiding him/hardly there, Sirius was being distant/couldn’t leave Grimmauld Place, Hermione and Ron became prefects and of course, Umbridge… So, I guess his angst was slightly warranted, but man was it frustrating at times.

As mentioned in my previous Harry Potter posts, we see way more of the Weasley family which helps to solidify them as Harrys’ familial foundation. A good chunk of the beginning of the book followed the gang at Grimmauld Place where the Weasley family (mainly Mrs. Weasley) was struggling with the drama of Percy denouncing his family. Gosh Percy! Aside from the family drama in this book, I love reading about the Weasley family.

Now, I really felt that this book was the book that focused most on their actual studies given that the fifth years were gearing up to take their O.W.L.S. I do appreciate reading about their studies/classes because it really adds to the intricate world building. I remember when I first read through these books, I loved learning about all of their classes and imagining myself taking those same classes. Honestly, one of my favorite chapters was “Career Advice” where we start to learn about the different career pathways and what you need to do to prepare for them. So much fun!

Like I said, Harry was having a rough go in throughout the entire book. So it definitely didn’t help when Harry relived Snapes’ memory of his father, James. Oy…it was rough to watch Harrys’ image of his father just shatter to pieces in an instant. For someone who’s never had the opportunity to get to know his parents, all he has are stories from others – so, watching an actual memory of James being terrible to Snape was pretty heartbreaking.

Something that I really loved about this book that definitely wasn’t in the movie were the centaurs – or at least, the real centaurs from the book. The centaurs in the movie were definitely more wizard friendly, particularly Hagrid. Book centaurs were definitely NOT wizard friendly, as they exiled Firenze from the herd after he agreed to take up the Divination post at Hogwarts. Firenze as teacher was AWESOME!!! I forgot how much I fangirled over Firenze when I first read this, and was super bummed when this wasn’t in the movie. Le sigh… It was also neat to start learning about interspecies politics within the Wizarding World – the centaurs and the giants.

Now for the climax and the final battle – OH. MY. FEELINGS!!! It was definitely way more epic in the book than in the movie, and this was the part that I had forgotten most of the details. From the start, the build-up to this climax felt a bit more hopeless than it did in the movie. Harry’s a bit more flustered as he runs to find Sirius and completely rushed. We also see more of the creepy things that are stored in the Department of Mysteries – like the Brain Room?!?! Strange…

The ending climax really happened in three parts:

  • The initial battle between the Death Eaters and the D.A. kiddos which was way more rough in the book than in the movie. Ron gets jinxed pretty badly, Ginny hurts her ankle, and Hermione gets completely knocked out.
  • Sirius’ death…now, let’s all take a collective deep breath. His death was so much more heart breaking in the book because you really understood how Harry felt, as it was happening. Sirius’ death happened so much more slowly than it did in the book, and you’re not really convinced that he died… Oh Sirius!! 😥
  • The final battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort. This was absolutely epic to read!! I will say, the movie did a great job portraying this scene as well, but it definitely doesn’t beat the book. The duel was quite intricate, and it was scary how collected they both seemed to be throughout the duel. Voldemort possessing Harry at the end is always something that gets me, but I definitely liked the way that it was portrayed in the book better than in the movie.

Like I said earlier, this book was full of feelings. I loved every minute of it and definitely loved it better the second time around 🙂 I cannot wait to continue with the series!!

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2 thoughts on ““We’re Coming With You, Harry…”

  1. Great review. can’t wait to read HP series!


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