“It Matters Not What Someone is Born, but What They Grow to Be!”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (#4)


Hands down, this book was my absolute favorite the first time that I read this series! I harry potter #4loved everything about it – from the Quidditch World Cup to the intricacies of the Triwizard Tournament to Hermiones’ S.P.E.W. initiative to the absolutely tragic end. I loved it!! This book is also when the series starts to get a bit darker, as Lord Voldemort really comes back to fruition in this book. This was also my biggest book-to-movie disappointment…which made me oh so sad.

Reading it through again…I definitely enjoyed it, but I have a feeling that the last 3 books are going to be more enjoyable to me than this one. This was the first book that jumped in page numbers, which I think consisted a lot of extra details that I think made it feel longer than it needed to. I wasn’t bored or anything, I just felt that this book dragged on a bit at parts, which slowed it down for me this second time around.

Something that I think is going to be a theme in my re-reads is that I forget how prominent the whole Weasley family is throughout the books and I missed that! This was also something that was definitely not at all portrayed in the movies, which is sad. I love the Weasley family for all of their quirks, but mainly for the stable foundation that they provide to Harry throughout the books. It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking, all at the same time, as one can tell how hard this is for Harry to actually have a family of his own, when he never knew his…

A central part of this book was, obviously, the Triwizard Tournament and I remember this taking up more of the book than it actually did. After my re-read, I came to realize that the Triwizard Tournament was definitely a plot device for the return of Lord Voldemort. The Tournament is woven throughout the book, so we get sprinklings of it here and there, rather than reading about it the whole time. We also don’t see a whole lot of the other champions, aside from Cedric and Harry, which was another surprise in my re-read. I completely forgot about Fleur’s ancestry, which was another huge thing seemingly missing from the movie.

My absolute favorite part of this book though from the first read to now was definitely S.P.E.W!! This solidified Hermione being one of my favorite characters and this was the first time that I can see J.K. Rowling making a social statement using S.P.E.W. It solidified Hermione as not only a strong female lead, but also a very complexly layered female character. Hermione is a true female literary role model, as she stood for what she believed in despite being made fun of by her friends and she believed in the inherent goodness that every being possesses, house elves included.

Lastly, the ending of this book! Heart wrenching!!! Absolutely heart wrenching…definitely felt all of the feelings. The scene in the graveyard when Lord Voldemort returns is definitely one of my favorite scenes that J.K. Rowling has written. More specifically, the spell that returns the spirits of those murdered by Lord Voldemort coming back to help Harry in his greatest time of need. Literally, waterfall of tears!! You know something is well-written when it reaches into the depths of your heart and squeezes out all of the emotions.

Like I mentioned earlier, I definitely loved this book but I have a strong feeling that the upcoming 3 books will climb their way into my top favorites in my re-read 🙂


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