The Fairest of Them All…

Winter by Marissa Meyer

winterThe mirror answered: “You, my queen, are fair; it’s true. But the young queen is far more fair than you.” 

This book was my most anticipated read of the year!!! I read “Cinder” last year and loved it!! Let me back up real quick, this is the fourth and final book in the “Lunar Chronicles” series. These are science-fiction fairy-tale retellings that are set between Earth and the Moon! Each book focuses on another girl in the series, all while intersecting with each other. I have loved the first three books and have been very anxiously awaiting this epic finale. If you can glean from the cover, this book is a retelling of Snow White – and I am so in love with this cover! All the covers are beautiful, but I definitely think this one is my favorite. Now, there is really not a whole lot that I can say without spoiling the book, so my very general thoughts are that I really enjoyed it and found it to be a satisfying end to the series. I have very much enjoyed how the entire series has focused on creating strong female protagonists. While I really enjoyed this book my favorite in the series is still the third book, “Cress”. If you haven’t picked this up yet, I very much recommend it!! 🙂 Now, for the spoiler section!

Truly the best part about this entire series are the characters – all of them! Marissa Meyer really does a phenomenal job creating an incredibly diverse cast of characters who all have so much depth. As mentioned before, this series very much focuses on strong female protagonists which is so refreshing to see in a YA series. All of the female protagonists are very real too – they’re flawed, they’re strong, and they all embody femininity in individual ways which was wonderful to read. Even the side characters were fully developed – YASS to Iko!!! Along with great protagonists, this series also has one of my favorite villains, Queen Levana. She is truly terrifying and a great villain.

The next thing that I greatly enjoyed was the world building of Luna. The first three books took place on Earth while referencing Luna, and so it was great to be transported to Luna and learn more about the culture of the Lunar people. The one drawback to the world building in the book was that it was a little long – it reached a point where I got it and could’ve moved forward with the story. Other than that, I found the world to be fascinating!!

The main reason why I rated this book at a 4, rather than a 5 was that the book was a little bit too long. I’ll admit that when I first picked up this book, I was in awe of its 823 pages. I love me a bigger book! However, I did feel that this book could’ve been a few hundred pages shorter and I would’ve loved it all the same. I felt the story dragging a bit and the climax was so dragged out that parts of the ending felt slightly rushed. It’s not the worst thing about the world, but this is why I couldn’t give this book 5 stars.

The ending – I did love it! I found it so satisfying and loved that we got to see beyond Cinder killing Queen Levana. I loved that the ending didn’t necessarily just have to do with Cinder and Kai’s relationship, but we got a little peek into Cinder as Queen. I found the ending to be aligned with the rest of the series supporting strong female protagonists and Cinder stayed strong to the end. Loved it!

Thank you Marissa Meyer for writing this wonderful series and for delivering a wonderful end! 🙂 


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