tl;dr this is everything

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


Wow. I don’t even know where to start this…. WARNING: Do not pick up this novel if you do not plan to read it in one sitting!

The story follows Madeline Whittier, who just turned 18 but has never left her house. She has the disease where she is allergic to anything and everything. A cute boy moves in next door and Madeline’s entire life changes because the moment she sees him, she knows she’s going to fall in love with him. And she does. So very adorably deeply it hurts to read about.

The story is written so well before you know it, you have read half the book and cannot wait to finish it. It is not creepy like the love story of Bella and Edward came off in the first Twilight movie, where they had to condense it so much it was just stalkerish. The story of Madeline and Olly is a beautiful description of the innocence and romance of first love.  Full of wonder, heartache, and of course a surprise ending.

Madeline has lived with her mother, in her white house and white room her entire life. She was diagnosed as a baby and has never left the house, or breather unfiltered air since. She takes classes over Skype, reads books, and has movie/game nights with her mom. Until the day Olly moves in next door, she is as content with her life as she can be. Capture

When she see’s Olly she starts to question if living a life like hers is worth it, whether it’s worth it to live on the outside, even if it means she could die.  Eventually something happens to Olly and without thinking she runs outside, breathes the fresh air, and is forced to be back in her house. That small taste of real life, has her wanting more. So she gets more. And she gets the consequences. In the midst of learning the hardest lessons in her sheltered life, she learns the hardest secrets.

Will these secrets help, or break her? What happens to her and Olly? You’ll just have to find 4 hours to sit down and find out 🙂

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4 thoughts on “tl;dr this is everything

  1. For a while, I was on the fence about Everything Everything because some reviewers said that the writing was trying too hard to be literary or whatever, but then I put it back on my TBR because of glowing reviews like this one. 🙂


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  3. […] Val has also read this beautiful novel and has reviewed it, so I encourage you to check out her blog post!! I am going to go into a quick synopsis and then the rest of this is going to be pretty spoiler-y, […]


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