Carry On, My Dear Simon & Baz <3

*I am so behind in my reviews, so I will be throwing up this one and another one pretty soon here* 

Carry On – 3.5/5 

When I found out that this was coming out, I was elated!! I loved carry on“Fangirl”! Why does this matter, you may ask? Well, because “Carry On” was supposed to be Rainbow Rowells’ take on either canon or Caths’ story from “Fangirl” about the Simon Snow storyline. Yeah…meta, right? I was so intrigued by this, I HAD to pick it up! 😀 Now, I will say – while Rainbow Rowell did not disappoint with this book, I was not head over heels about this read.

The Simon Snow world is essentially a similar story to our Harry Potter world. There are young mages who go off to a magic school for seven years. There is also one “Chosen One” who is prophesied to bring peace to their world by bringing down the bad guy. Sound a little familiar? Yep, I definitely had a lot of fun and I think most Harry Potter fans would too.

So – I will say that I enjoyed this and like I said, had a lot of fun reading it. I was torn throughout the whole book, though, about actually how much I was enjoying it. After having some time away from the book, though, I think my hang up was that it read like a fanfiction. Don’t get me wrong – really good fanfiction, but fanfiction nonetheless. At points, some of the story pieces felt forced and a little over the top which made it feel like a fanfiction.

The most redeeming part of the story was Baz, all the way!! My little vampire mage boy struggling with his feelings for Simon (no, not a spoiler, I promise!) and grappling with his vampire self in the mage world. I adored him and loved this story line – among the fanfiction, the Baz storyline definitely had Rainbow Rowell written all over it. Coming of age story of a boy grappling with his sexual identity – it was heartbreaking, heartwarming, and altogether a wonderful read.

Aside from that, it read like a fanfiction which might’ve been the point. So, please don’t let that be a reason for not reading this – it was a lovely read, and I definitely recommend it if you need something light! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Carry On, My Dear Simon & Baz <3

  1. I’ve been curious about this book. While I enjoyed Fangirl, the Simon and Baz parts weren’t my favorite. No matter what, Baz the conflicted, lovestruck gay vampire is such a cool character.


    • I definitely liked the Simon and Baz parts in Fangirl, which definitely built my intrigue to pick up Carry On. I will say: I think I liked the Simon and Baz parts better as a part of Fangirl, rather than it’s stand alone story. That being said, like I said in my review – it was definitely very enjoyable! 🙂

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