tl;dr this is still my favorite series

devotedDevoted in Death by J.D. Robb – 5/5

As you might already know, this is my all time favorite series. 9I am actually in the process of trying to collect all the books.) It’s set in the distant future (at this point 2058) and each story tends to follow a similar formula. But not this one, this story took a different turn, and I really liked it.

Typically there are three killings per novel as Eve is desperately trying to find the killer, some person drama, a couple of not too graphic sex scenes, and a new glimpse into this futuristic world (where prostitutes are licensed, and cars can move vertically). What was different about this story is that Eve was chasing serial killers on a killing spree across the country. The victims seems to be completely random (which did not freak me out every morning when I walked to my car in the dark to go to the gym), and cover their tracks so well it takes most of the novel to get any information Eve can use to catch them. Can even catch them before they burn, torture, disfigure and kill another victim?

To give you some background, which the author does in EVERY installment – which I am not a huge fan of for people that have been reading the series, but it does make it that you can pick up any book in the series and get into it; there are not story lines that HAVE to be read in order (of course, I prefer to). … okay the background: Eve Dallas was abused as a child, she killed her stepdad, became a very badass cop, and married one of the richest, best looking men on earth (and off planet, because that’s a thing in this series).

There is something about the writing style in this series that completely sucks me in right away; its very simple and easy to follow, and not in a bad way. I really enjoy that each story usually starts from the killers perspective on one of his kills. The killers point of view may come up scarcely a couple more times throughout the story too.

I really don’t quite know what it is about these stories, they’re just a very quick, light, and interesting read; at least in my opinion, definitely in my opinion!

P.S. Fun Fact: JD Robb is actually a pseudonym for Nora Roberts, which is still so odd to me, as I typically stay away from Nora Roberts novels. I guess that explains the sex scenes though 🙂

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