But I probably won’t come back

I-was-here-cover1I Was Here by Gayle Forman – 4/5

To be fair, I never read If I Stay, just saw the movie, but that is what attracted me to this book. The premise here is that Cody’s best friend Meg killed herself. She drank some industrial strength poison in a hotel room, set an email note to delay send by a day or two, and Cody’s life has never been the same.

Without really realizing, Cody is having a hard time dealing with Meg’s death. When something Meg’s brother says makes Cody wonder if there is more to the story, she dives right in to figure it out for herself. Along the way she meets Meg’s ex-lover Ben, her roommate Stoner Richard, a rude hippie named Tree, and a computer nerd with access to answers she doesn’t know she has yet.

Cody doesn’t come from much, but she’s always had Meg. Bright, loud, vibrant Meg. It makes no sense to Cody that Meg would take her own life, let alone that Cody would know nothing, or sense nothing, about it. To relieve the guilt and pain Cody plots to lure out Meg’s true killer. Not until the very end do you find out what was actually responsible for Meg’s death.

The writing had me sucked into the story, and as you’ve heard too many times before; I love a good mystery. There were a few spots in the novel where the style reminded me that this was a young adult book as well as certain plot points that I thought were too simplistic. I wondered several times what Amelia would think of this, as she was not as keen on Thirteen Reasons Why based on her experience with actual teenagers and how they handle such circumstances.

TL;DR a light quick read that doesn’t get too serious despite the topic.

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