3 For 3 – Moving Right Along!

91lUeBR2G1LBetween the three of us, we’ve read a lot of books. Like, a lot. This means that we’ve also read some of the same books. So, I got super stoked when the three of us were all going to be reading The Girl on the Train. This will be the first trio cross-over that we have on the blog and we’re pretty excited for it! If you haven’t had a chance to, check out Ranie’s individual initial review! In this review, Amelia and I are going to each give quick non-spoilery reviews, and then we’re going to go into a spoilery group discussion on the book. Let us know what y’all think of this group review style!

Mina’s Rating: 4/5

I literally read half of this book in one sitting…before going to bed…which is definitely not a good idea, haha!!! But that definitely speaks to the addictive quality of this book and books like it. I am generally not one for thrillers, but the constant POV switching kept me intrigued the whole way through. That being said, that is the only reason why I did not give this book 5/5 because initially the POV switching totally threw me off. It didn’t feel cohesive at the beginning, and I had to keep flipping back and forth. It eventually gets its stride though, and then it just sucked me right in. All the characters had so much depth to them, which added even more layers to the mystery/thriller aspect of this book. While our focus is Rachel and the blacked out memory, it was great to see Megans’ life and even Annas’ life, which I was pleasantly surprised to read from. This book is definitely twisted, dark, and real creepy – a great pick for October and if you enjoy a quality thriller read!

Amelia’s Rating: 4/5

Although the comparisons to Gone Girl are warranted, I actually enjoyed The Girl on the Train more! It just had so much more depth. In fact, I would even say it’s more about these three women and their growth than it is about solving a disappearance. This led to the pacing being a bit slower than Gone Girl, but I didn’t mind too much. Like Mina mentioned, it really started to pick up towards the end, and I read the last hundred pages or so straight through. I never found the book too predictable in its revelations, which is super important to any thriller.

What really stood out about this book is the character study. Hawkins does a great job exploring the relationships women form…with themselves, with their children, and with the men in their lives. It was truly fascinating to see how these women–Rachel, Megan, and Anna–had such unique perspectives in all three of these types of relationships. In my opinion, this in particular is what makes The Girl on the Train better than Gone Girl. The characters feel very real, and seeing their development over the span of the book leaves the reader with more hope at the end than one might expect from such a dark thriller. I agree with Mina–the perfect book to finish off October!

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