TL;DR I’ll Need a Better Plotline Though

First and foremost I would like to point out that I listened to this book in my car. With the crazy life of work and grad school, I have found that the easiest way for me to get through novels, unless I have time off or get REALLY hooked in, is to stick them in my car and listen to them everywhere I go.

20820994I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson – 4/5

This novel, like so many others it seems, is written from two perspectives. Noah and Jude are inseparable twins, but around the time they are 13-14 they start to drift apart. They are both artists, but they are growing into very different people. Or they have always been very different, they are just starting to see it and react to the changes in the other. Noah tells the stories of their childhood, while Jude narrates their later high school years and how it all comes together. Relatively early on we learn that Jude got into a prestigious art school (Noah didn’t), and their mother died – which Noah took relatively well (Jude didn’t). But slowly and surely we start to see that there is more to both of those stories than we think.

On disk 8/12, I realized that throughout the novel we have been watching Noah grow up. When I first started listening to this story, having no prior knowledge of the plot, I was slightly confused. Noah was talking about dragons, and gods, a wide variety of fantasy elements. I was relatively certain that was not what this novel was supposed to be. Then suddenly I realized that there has been less mention of these elements, and it hit me. A younger Noah still saw the world as a magical place, but he’s grown up and realized the reality most of us live with every day.

I enjoyed the story line, although I caught on to the mystery way before it was revealed. When the novel ended, however, I really wished there was more. The ending was not nearly as dramatic as I had expected, and it felt lacking for the closure I was expecting. Overall, still a great read.

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