They’re Here…

The 5th Wave – 4.5/5; The Infinite Sea – 4/5

the 5th wave

the infinite sea

Due to being so behind in my reviews and having a weird sprint in my readings, I am here to do another dual review of The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. I hope y’all don’t mind – I figured since they were the first two in this trilogy, that it would make for a reasonably seamless review of the two books. Spoiler: I loved them both!!! Yep, you heard me – I loved them! For a while, I was super off of reading anything dystopian-related, but I am very glad that I picked these up. These were a very fresh take on the YA dystopian genre and I cannot believe how much I loved an alien story – definitely something very new for me. I am not going to lie – I definitely picked up The 5th Wave because I saw that it was being adapted to film and felt intrigued after the trailer. I know – shame…shame… So – the first part of this review is going to be spoiler-free and a bit more focused on The 5th Wave and then when I head into The Infinite Sea, there will be a few more spoilers. This is also mainly because it’s the second book in the trilogy.

Quick synopsis of The 5th Wave: There have been these waves of destruction as the aliens have descended upon the earth. I promise, it is not as cheesy as it sounds. The first wave was taking away all of the earth’s power, leaving the earth in darkness. The second wave was mass natural disaster, taking out that much more of the earth’s population. The third wave was a horrific plague which slowly killed its victims. The fourth wave brought The Silencers. The book now takes place during the fifth wave, when most of the earth’s population has been wiped. We follow our main protagonist, Cassie, as she struggles to stay alive while looking for her younger brother who was taken.

I…freakin…loved this!!!! Oh, so good!!! First thing that really stands out about these two books is definitely Rick Yancey as a story teller. He was able to weave together a most gripping, fast-paced, and thriller of a read into this YA dystopian book. I’m not gonna lie when I say that when I first heard this book was about an alien invasion, I definitely said an immediate “no” to this book and I completely regret that.

LIke I said, Rick Yancey is an incredible story teller. Rick Yancey has created an atmosphere that is creepy, eerie, and honestly…a little bit scary. I was reading this book before bed each night and as someone that lives alone, I definitely kept finding myself looking around my apartment throughout the evening because I was so gripped with the eeriness of the book. This book is told in multiple POV’s, which actually adds to the eeriness of the book. The book changes POV’s often and there were multiple times where you actually can’t tell who the POV actually is. The sudden change in POV also leaves the last POV that you read from on a cliffhanger of sorts, which just adds to the adrenaline that is pumping while you read this book. I thought he did this so well – it didn’t feel jerky, but it was definitely seamless throughout.

Rick Yancey created a bomb-diggity, strong female protagonist in Cassie. I loved her!!! She is only 16 in this book and is even younger when the waves first started coming. Even though she is so young and has seen so much destruction in her youth already, and yet that didn’t take away from her strength and her quick thinking. Cassie is definitely in full on survival mode and you are rooting for her throughout the entire book. I loved that Cassie was able to stand along throughout the book, which was creepy for sure, but spoke to her strength, her grit, and her determination to find her brother. I will say, the only reason why I knocked off .5 rating from my overall rating, was about her relationship with Evan. Le sigh…Evan. I loved Evan as a character – but the romance between him and Cassie was a little dramatic for my taste. I will say, however, that it did not take away from Cassie, as a character, which I greatly appreciated. I did feel that the romance became an addition to the story, rather than it becoming the story which sometimes happens to YA books.

Now – heading into a tiny bit of a spoiler-y section as I chat a little bit about The Infinite Sea. I can’t remember the last time that I read a first book in the series and immediately needed the next one. As soon as I finished The 5th Wave, I looked up The Infinite Sea at my library and immediately requested it. The first book ends with such a cliffhanger and you want to see what happens with the characters. The Infinite Sea is definitely slower than the first one, as the characters are still reeling and recovering from the events in the first book. The slowness definitely does not take away from the book, but it is a shift that the reader needs to get used to. The slowness also adds to the eeriness of the book – this book reminded me a lot of I Am Legend in that it felt like how I felt when I watched Will Smith alone after everything happened and the zombie would jump out here and there. This book was definitely jump scare in book form, which I normally don’t dig, but for this book – I totally dug it!!

My absolute favorite part, though, of The Infinite Sea has to be the ending. Oh…my…freaking…goodness. Mind blowing. Rick Yancey takes what you thought about this story and turns it completely on its head. He takes you completely for a loop and I was so pleased!! Way to be Rick Yancey! The book become a beautiful commentary on the human condition, that makes you really think about the human condition. The book left me with so many more unanswered questions on top of the already existing unanswered questions that I have about this trilogy. The ending was fast-paced and I kept having to back track and reread things just to make sure that I was reading exactly what I was reading.

Oh boy, these books definitely take you for a ride! I am now eagerly and anxiously waiting for the last book in this trilogy. Speaking of…

the last star

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY OF A BOOK!!! AND THEY ALL MATCH!!! YAAAASS!!! I need this now!!! I have to wait until May 2016 – why?!?! Why?!?! I am actually thinking of pre-ordering this book too…I have never pre-ordered a book, so that is definitely speaking to the awesomeness that is this trilogy.

Check this trilogy out! I highly recommend it! You will not regret it!! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “They’re Here…

  1. I loved the first one, and then (like you) rated the second one lower because of how much it slowed down. I’m really looking forward to the movie!
    Nice review by the way! I’ve now followed you, so I’m looking forward to reading more iin the future 😀


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