City of Glass (#3) by Cassandra Clare – 4/5

I had heard that this third book in The Mortal Instruments series was the best one and I definitely agree!! I enjoyed city of glassthis one way more than the first two, and I am now way too invested in this series to not continue. I would definitely call these books a guilty pleasure read, as these are books that my high school self would have greatly enjoyed!! 🙂 Since this is the third book in a series, there isn’t much I can say without giving too much away. One sentence synopsis: Clary and the gang need to travel to the City of Glass (ancestral home of the Shadowhunters) in order to save Clary’s mom…and of course, trouble ensues upon arrival. That is, quite literally, all I can say without giving stuff away.

Overall impressions: Cassandra Clare’s world building was fantastic (FINALLY!!), I very much enjoyed the changing of POV’s, and climax was quite well-paced.

I will be reading Clockwork Angel next and I am pretty excited to start The Infernal Devices trilogy. I’ve heard such great stuff – and now, I cannot wait to continue in this world!!

If you want to read about more specifics of my thoughts, please read on – remember, there will be spoilers!!

I am going to try to keep this spoiler-y part of my review succinct and as brief, as I can. Cassandra Clare is definitely a gifted story teller with her creation of Alicante and Shadowhunter lore. This is exactly the reason why I enjoy reading “fantasy” books! I thought her creation of Alicante was vivid and creative; it was so easy to picture what the City of Glass could look like in my mind. I found her telling of Shadowhunter lore to be so captivating and just so much fun. It was great to learn about the ancestry of the Shadowhunters and I have a good feeling that this is what I will get to read more of in The Infernal Devices trilogy!! 🙂 By far, this was my favorite part of reading this next installment of The Mortal Instruments series.

Cassandra Clare is also particularly great at character development, which was a huge part of this book! I loved that we got to read more about some of other characters other than Clary and Jace…which really, these two were my least favorite part of this book…sorry #Clace fans!! I particularly loved reading more about the Lightwood family and their strong familial ties which made the death of little Max even more heartbreaking. I was in just total shock when this happened – but way to be Cassandra Clare for not only creating lovable characters, but also creating characters that are worth investing our hearts into. In addition to Max, Alec was, by far, my favorite character in this entire book! I loved that Cassandra Clare created such a vulnerable character story arch with Alec and his “coming out” journey. I believe that YA authors are tasked with a huge responsibility in creating stories that are relatable to their younger readers, so I am grateful that Cassandra Clare went there with Alecs’ character. Alec is strong, family-oriented, and vulnerable, which just makes you want to give him a big hug!

I am a little middle of the road with the climax of the book with Valentine calling upon Raziel. What I didn’t like was that the climax was definitely something that was built up to throughout the last two books and the entirety of this third book, so I just expected a little bit more than what I got. I thought that the climax built up, and then was just…over? It does make me wonder where the rest of the series is going from here, though, for sure! My main questions are:

  • Is Valentine really dead…?!?!
  • What happened to Sebastian…is he also really dead?!?!

What I did like about the climax was, I think, the story build up to the climax. I think my favorite scene in the entire book was when Clary and Jace learned about the experiments that Valentine was conducting in the basement of the old family manor. I thought this was just nuts, but so well done by Cassandra Clare! I especially loved Jocelyns’ addition to this story, when she opened up to Clary about her story. I loved how everything seemed to come together as the climax was building, which was what made me feel like there should’ve been more to the climax than what was…oh well? But, oh my gosh – was this scene so creepy!!

Overall, I definitely dug this book – this was my favorite of the three that I have read so far. I am definitely far too invested now to stop…so, good on you Cassandra Clare for trapping me…good on you! 😉

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