“Strange” is a good word for it

A review of The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami — 3 out of 5

What the eff did I just read?

I knocked this out in a sitting yesterday. Though I reached the final page in less than an hour, I’m still thinking about the *strange* quality of this book. I’m gonna keep this review short because 1) it’s a short book, and 2) you’re better off experiencing the weirdness yourself.

I have not read Murakami before (and apparently this isn’t the best way to start going through his work) but I can tell that he has a way of instilling a *strange*, dream/nightmare-like quality into the story. This first foray may have been a bit too *strange* for my liking (maybe I just wasn’t expecting this), but I think I will enjoy his other works.

So for story alone I would give this a 2 out of 5. It’s creative, but that alone doesn’t ensure a quality story. I have to give it another star, though, for the packaging and design alone. Chip Kidd did an amazing job with the selection of images found in almost each spread of the book. Far from superfluous, these *strange* images totally add to that dream/nightmare-like quality of the writing.

No review is going to give you a great handle on what this book is like. In fact, take mine with a grain of salt, because even though it’s not a particularly high rating, I think people should give this a shot, especially if *strange* doesn’t scare you. And for crying out loud, don’t get the ebook version. You need to hold this one in your hands.

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